Tuesday, August 06, 2013

It's Summer, Man, Where do we begin?

I like fall the best. But I am focusing very hard on enjoying the moment and not getting overly excited about September when we still have a few precious weeks before school starts and such. This will be the first time I've had both the kids in school, and yes, it's just preschool, but still. Our annual trip to Newport Beach is still kinda "What Summer Means to Me" and once it's over it might as well be Fall. Kinda like once Christmas is over winter becomes nothing but drudgery. However, January and February are awful, horrid months and August...is not.
These girls love the beach. Ella in particular is a major water baby (water big girl) and can spend all day in the freezing surf begging to have a grown up hold her hand and take her deeper so she can be pummeled and rolled by the big waves and come up gasping and smiling. Ava is happy to be on the warm sand building castles with her cousins and sneaking sips from the adults diet cokes.

Sand Volcano

We only spent a week a year in Newport and yet I keep almost typing "I grew up on this beach" which isn't remotely true...I grew up in Utah. Yet my most vivid memories all the way back to toddler hood involves this trip. I could wax poetic and pretend it's because I was born here and the sea calls my name...but really I just like vacation. And cool mornings and walks. And the ocean, although I barely make it all the way in once a year anymore, why does it have to be so frigid!!?
Anyway, I am so happy to be blessed with the opportunity to let my girls continue the tradition of growing up on the beach...for a few days a year anyway. Already it seems to be as precious to them as it is to me. They bring it up daily and I say "next year, next year. After the fair and Halloween and Christmas and then the terrible winter." And Ava says "I love the winter! I catch the snowflakes on my tongue! Blaaaah!" 
So maybe we will survive it after all. 


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