Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ha ha! Turns out there isn't an endless supply of storage space on computers. My computer refuses to download one more picture until I get rid of some other ones. Huh. Might get to that sometime this year. You will have to wait for pictures of my kids playing with chalk on the front porch. I know, right? Hard to bear.

Rest assured that we are well and happy. It's incredible how much peace and relief I get once February ends. Like the 12th (or 16th) week of pregnancy....or the 41st week of pregnancy really. Like the last day of call, like the final guilt inducing girl scout cookie, like flopping into bed after a tedious day, face scrubbed and bite guard in place. Ahhhhh. Some things you just got to push through.

And once you finish enduring, you can start moving forward. Now that it's warming up we can start finalizing and getting Lily's headstone carved, no more chalking it in on our visits. My kids are hilarious and learning every day, I'm learning every day, and getting healthier than I've been in years. Feeling good. Hoping for a continued quiet, uneventful 2012. Just for awhile. Let's just be normal.

And enjoy conversations such as the following:

Ella: Mom, Owls go to sleep when the sun comes up.
Me: Yup.
Ella: And they are not turtles.
Me: Right...
Ella: I like turtles though.
Me: ...
Me: Wait...do you mean they are nocturnal?
Ella: Yeah, owls are not turtles but I like turtles too. And owls.

Till next month...

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

February is over! Hugs all around!

Just a quick post to celebrate the end of February, and to ease my guilt over going through a period of blogging inactivity. We are finally all pretty healthy and happy, Ava is talking up a storm and we are having delightful intellectual conversations:

AVA: Hide and seek! A drink of water! Puma! Rarr-rarr! Choo choo train mommy! NO! NO! NO!BABY ELEPHANT! TA-DAAAA!

MOM: Okaaaay...

ELLA: (Laughs hysterically) It's not a puma, it's a tiger.


Despite my poor showing in the blogging world, I am becoming more dedicated and active in other areas of my life, which is more important. Unfortunately....but not surprisingly, I have attached the faith aspect of my life to the grief aspect, and sometimes when it's just too much for me (Like the month of February, for example, and to a lesser extent, Christmas) I go ahead and drop both to save myself some pain. Well turns out it doesn't work, and being spiritually dead is not the way to cope. So I'm experiencing a reawakening of faith, which feels good. Yes, it brings tears and emotions and even some anguish closer to the surface, but without it life is dark and, well, pointless. Better to live in the light.

Another hobby I'm re-discovering is taking care of myself physically which improves every other aspect of my life. It's been awesome to wake up feeling rested and energized. Hardly any headaches. Less wearing of maternity leggings. And last week when the scale shockingly dipped into places I haven't been in 4 years, not even the on-call pager coming to life the moment it touched my hands could bring me down. Ah, relative health.

And the final item demanding a large portion of my free time is Downton Abbey.

Life is good. With a little effort.