Monday, October 15, 2012

Cast off.

The cast comes off.


Alex said...

She looks a lot like Penny in that picture where she's kneeling on the floor. Lucky girl.

cici said...

there was a blog post that showed up in my feed reader about the cast and in the blog there was a photo of your daughter in her car seat. It looks like the seat belt is under her shoulder?? It also looks like she is still young enough to still be in a harnessed seat not a booster. (I say this because the lap portion is way too high on her hips and would provide little protection to her internal organs if you were in an accident)

I just don't get the point of even having her buckled if its not going to be properly with the shoulder portion actually over her shoulder. I know this will probably get your mommy hackles raised and i'll be the bad guy for saying this. However I just couldn't NOT say anything when I see a kiddo improperly restrained in a carseat when there is a simple solution that could prevent serious injury.

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