Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hubs and I did a Halloween Half Marathon on Saturday. We ran in graduation robes and shopko scarves all fancied up with red duct tape.
 Gryffindor forever!  
Originally I was going to be catwoman--easy enough, black running outfit, mask and ears taped to my sunglasses, but then there's the whole "Are you trying to be sexy?" question, and I find going with that theme often leads to a certain level of pathetic. I can only imagine that pathetic-ness is emphasized by 13 miles, runny nose, sweat and smelliness. And the unwelcome but mandatory comparison between catwoman's bottom and mine. So I went with a shapeless black robe. Cozy.
We were not so well prepared for this one, and they had to change the course due to snow so there was a brief uphill climb which was an unwelcome surprise. I came in at 2:45. But that was running in a full on robe, and in the cold, and not fully trained. So whatevs. Now to actually prepare for our next one in April!
After the race I recovered with my kid's Halloween party candy, compression socks, coke zero and an ice pack. Can't beat that.

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Jen I said...

That sounds hilarious. I would have loved to just be a spectator. I am totally cracking up at the idea of two Gryffindor's running a half marathon...and whatever else may have been in the race!