Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I am calm

Don't rob us just because we're aristocrats. 

GRRR. Been meaning to blog for days about how awesome it is getting older and wiser and less concerned with appearances and expectations. But then I noticed my checking account balance was strangely low, even for me, and investigated. Yep, two stupid charges that weren't me. And not even possibly legitimate need-based items, but some stupid kids sleep store and SCRUBS. About $250 worth. Sounds like some lame mom-nurse stealing from an awesome mom-nurse. (me.) Although I am proud of myself for noticing before the transactions even posted; there have been times in my life (like 30 years worth) that I would have just assumed I had done some forgotten late night shopping online and let it go.
Way to budget me! Although now I have had to cancel my card and wait for a new one and have no money for 10 business days. I'm just so peeved. Stupid people.
Deep breath. I am calm.
Once in high school during a Christmas choir performance during which we all had to leave our bags in the choir room, someone got into my purse and stole the $100 bill I had gotten for my birthday which I had been carrying around for over a month. And my bus pass. I noticed that very night when I went to pull it out (the money, not the bus pass) to treat my buddies to a delicious Denny's dinner. Oooh how I cried. Right there into my Eggs Over My Hammy. (just kidding, I have never ordered that.) And I fumed for WEEKS. I lay awake at night picturing the skeezy little high school weenie who must have peed himself when he found that $100 bill. I mean what luck. I'm sure he squealed with delight. And worst of all, it must've been a choir kid, because we were the only ones there that night. But not MY choir, we were all out on stage. Stupid Jazz Ensemble. I got up in Seminary and nearly shook with anger as I talked about how I was trying to overcome my violent anger over the $100. I started noticing all sorts of things I could have had with that $100. Absolutely legitimate weight loss pills. A huge oversized fleece robe.
Country CDs. Or, of course, a night at the nasty downtown Denny's.
The fact that I'm still talking about this 14 years later goes to show how much I seethed.
Luckily this time, I'm older, wiser, and can dispute the charges with a phone call. And answer "Oh Yeah" when asked if I would be willing to prosecute if the perpetrators are ever caught. Oh Yeah. And Yeah Right.


Anonymous said...

This won't help, and it took a bit to be funny, but I went through the credit card theft thing a few months ago. The thing was that I found out when I got a letter than the industrial equipment I had ordered had been declined. I called. I even asked what I had ordered thinking maybe in the night....But I am 100% certain that I did not ever charge an industrial electric meat grinder. They'd thrown out the information so I had to cancel all cards since there was no way to know how they got the information. Don't know what kind of credit card limit they thought I'd have!

Whit, Lindsey, Jonas, and Maggie said...

Oh so not cool! Some people. I had my wallet ransacked at a local pool..they took all my gift cards (which I could name every single one) and some money. I actually knew exactly what person it was and the police confronted her and I got my gift cards back. Not the money though because I completely forgot about that until after. I was more upset at my treasured gift cards. I was so angry, but did get a little gratification that she got caught. Anyway, I hope nothing else comes of this terribly annoying situation for you!