Sunday, January 08, 2012

My PRK Surgery or One Wild Weekend"

For Christmas this year, my parents offered to pay for one eye's worth of corrective vision surgery for each child. With a deal like that I saw no reason not to undergo PRK surgery last thursday. I was not a candidate for LASIK due to steep corneas, or some jargon, but I was good to go for the older, more painful PRK surgery.
I'm not saying it was a mistake, but at this point i'm not recommending it. The procedure itself was fine, made almost pleasant with a little valium and getting to lay down for a few minutes. The only part that bothered me was when the nurse said "let's just get that little bit of epithelium out of your eye" and did a little scraping motion over my taped open eyeball. Ew.
But I went home excited to climb into bed and listen blindly to books on tape on my ipod for a couple days in the dark. "Every mother's dream!" my own mother declared. Not that I disagree.
Once in bed I noticed some discomfort but quickly fell asleep trying to pay attention to the rather studious 1776. Zar was going to go pick up my pain meds and eye drops and then pick up the kids from my mothers, and then I figured we would get some burritos and have a fabulous long weekend together.
The next thing I remember was waking up in quickly intensifying pain. As if someone were rubbing sandpaper against my eyeballs. At this point I already had the residual valium and two Lortabs on board, and of course, was blind, but I made it downstairs to paw through the medicine cabinet looking for some sort of relief. I opened the freezer and grabbed what I thought was a bag of peas but turned out to be Ella's weird chemical "Make your own dehydrated snow". In any case I rushed back upstairs, located my phone and ordered it to call my husband and in turn ordered him to rush home with my drugs.
"You can't have any more drugs yet," he replied.
Then I lay keening on the bathroom floor in the dark waiting for him. The next few hours, or really, the next couple days are blur, as I was being fed around the clock Lortab with messed with my sense of time but did not seem to touch the pain, which progressed to feeling as though my eyelids were made of shards of glass, or razor blades, and my tears were lemon juice. There was moaning, wailing, and swearing, there was banging of heads against the floor. At some point fairly early on I yelled at Zar to go find my "Pro Something Pills" which knocked me out for two days during my pregnancy with Ella. I told Zar I was nauseous, as Zar does not believe in taking a drug just to be knocked out. Although in this case I'm sure he would have been cool with it. In any case, thiis the only reason I'm not dead now. Seriously, it was the WORST physical pain I have ever experienced, and I stand by my hysterical raging of two days ago that people in this kind of pain should be sedated in a hospital, not sent home with a headache pill, swear swear swear. C-section recovery has NOTHING on this, except when Ella jumped on my tummy right after Lily was born and I was certain my innards had exploded all over my hospital room. It was about like that, if the toddler continued to jump on the incision and I had no power to stop it. Yes, that bad, yes, if I had a gun, I would have used it. In hindsight maybe we should have called the doctor, the one who mentioned "mild discomfort." I hope they have me fill out a survey.
Here's a few other details I recall:
Zar trying to force me to wear my sunglasses while in bed to keep me from rubbing my eyes, and me throwing them off and screaming abusively.
Zar putting cold compresses on my face and me throwing them off screaming "IT DOESN'T HELP" and swearing abusively,
Trying to act nice and calm in front of Ella, but losing it and wailing "MOMMY NEEDS MORE MEDICINE!" and hearing her burst into tears, and then, heartbreak, her not wanting to sleep with me that night.
Zar ordering me to open my eyes for my drops and screaming abusively, but I'm sure you guessed that.
Ella coming in and piling her toys on me--monkey, Uno Moo Game, various plastic balls, penguin, and plastic foods to make me feel better once I had fallen into an exhausted drugged out heap.
Thinking I had better have x-ray vision once this is over.

Well, the pain is gone, and I can squint well enough to type somewhat reliably. But not drive. And certainly not be a useful employee tomorrow. But I'm going anyway. I have to pay for my other eye. My vision should continue to improve over the next few days and reach full improvement in six months...but really...didn't I look kinda cute in glasses?


Cristina said...

My goodness, Erin! I hope you do have x-ray vision, night vision and future vision for going through all that! I hope you continue to feel better! Lots of love from the munchkins and me! :)

PS - I got my tree for Festival this week! And I got a ton of ornaments at the sales too. :) You're my inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but I LOVE reading your blog. And this post, was no exception. I'm sorry you had to go through all that, but the way you tell a story, priceless!!!

Good luck!

Lillian Angelovic said...

Wow. I am cured of ever wanting to do this for myself. So sorry you had to go through that! And I also hope you are completely recovered very very soon. And also also, awesome story! You have a way of describing things so vividly that one can... wait for it... totally visualize it! (Seriously though, you do.)

Aunt Charla said...

Yes, you looked great in your glasses. I'm so sorry it was such a painful recovery. I wish I had been a better help to you and Zar. I certainly hope you get great results from the surgery, sooner than later!

Shannon said...

Good Grief Erin- I can't believe you went to work! I am so sorry that you have been so miserable!!

Allison said...

oh man. Hilarious...and so, so awful. That just can't be right. xoxoxo

Tara said...

Ew is right. Glad you're ok! Glasses and contacts suddenly seem wildly underrated ;)

Tara said...

How have you been recovering? Are you doing alright now? And how is your vision? Just wondering if you feel it was worth it now that you've had a chance to somewhat recover!

Thank you for sharing your experiences!