Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Sleepover with Ella

My hubs is out of town for a certain football game and I'm home with my girls for the New Year. It's fine. I'm on-call for hospital emergencies and it's nice to have that as excuse to not plan anything extravagant for the New Year. Can't get dressed. Am on call.

Last night Ava went to bed and Ella and I stayed up to make Oreo pops for our small New Years get together. Afterwards we went upstairs, read some stories, and at 9:45 I said "Oops! Time for bed!" Ella looked doubtful but I turned out the light and snuggled down. I do love my sleep.

Ella tossed and turned as usual and made many deep annoyed sighing sounds.


Ella: Mom! I'm getting scared! Of monsters!

Mom: Don't worry. There are no monsters in our house. In fact there are no monsters anywhere. And you've got mommy right here.

Ella: Yeah...mommy is the best.

Mom: uh huh.

Ella: Say "thank you dear."

Mom: Thank you dear.

Ella: Monsters aren't in the house. Only in the forest in the dark.

Mom: No, do you know what lives in the forest? Deer. And squirrels and chipmunks and bunnies.

Ella: But monsters are big! And are circles and squares and hexagons and, and....rectangles! And have a face.

Mom: ....Wow. Well that sounds like pretend to me. But there are no monsters and let's go sleep. It's very late.


Ella: Mom?

Mom: Yes dear?

Ella: When I get big I'm going to be a mommy. Just like you.

Mom: Good idea. Do you want to have a job, too, like mommy?

Ella: A job? What job?

Mom: You know, how mommy is a nurse, and goes to work?
Ella: Oh, work. Yeah, I want to work.

Mom: Well what do you want to do? You could be a nurse like mommy, which is great because it's flexible and in demand, or you could be a teacher, or write books, or work in the zoo, or cook in a restaurant, or anything at all.

Ella: I want to hang upside down. Like a possum.

Mom: Huh.

Ella: NO, no, like a monkey.

Mom: Huh. Well you could work in a zoo with monkeys...

Ella: (starting to cry) Noooo I want to BE a monkey!

Mom: Well....

Ella: (weeping) Please!

Mom: Okay you can be whatever you want to be. Let's go to sleep.

Ella: I just want to hang upside down.

Mom: Well good thing you are in gymnastics. That's a start. Sleepy time.


Ella: Mom?

Mom: hhmmph?

Ella: I want to snuggle the kitty.

Mom: Go for it. Good luck.

Ella: crawling over mom, petting kitty. "Hi Carmie."



Mom: What's up now?

Ella: Kitty is growling at me.

Mom: Oh hun that's not growling, that's purring. It means she is happy. Haven't you heard purring before?

Ella: She goes "Grrrrr"

Mom: She goes "purrrrrr." Go to sleep.





Mom: What's that.

Ella: Just a lion purring. Just go to sleep.

And I did.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This IS my Christmas Card.

Merry Christmas!

Despite everything, we had a joyful year, and we are having a fun kid centric Christmas Season.

Gingerbread Cookies...

Look at Ava's decorating skills!Ella too....oh...wait...well she did decorate some as well.

See? Well, genetically she's all mom.

Good One. Should have had this printed and mailed out. Darn it, too late.

This game is known as Five Little Monsters.

Aw, both dressed and awake, better take a picture. Of course our 7th family member is included, aka, the TV.

Family 2011 Highlight List

(off the top of my head)

Baby Lily earned her wings on February 6th. Although we miss her and grieve daily, we are so grateful we got to have her at all, and know we will see her again.

Ava turned 1 in May with a big hoopla party, and started to walk!

Erin and Zar continued working at their jobs.

The girls gained a new Aunt, Rachel, married to Erin's brother Cob.

Zar ran the American Fork Canyon half marathon.

Ella started preschool and loves it, (most days) and turned 3.

Ava's favorite words are Apple, Daddy, Minnie Mouse, Thank you, and Happy Shoes.

Ella loves running, singing, Diego, Dinosaur Train, going to the park and the Ipad.

We visited Disneyland in October with close friends and had a wonderful time!

The Utes joined the PAC 12 and Zar was pumped for his most favorite time of the year. The girls have been indoctrinated to recognize the drum and feather and yell "Go Utes!"

Erin turned 31, Zar turned 33, and we booked our trip to Glacier next year for our ten year anniversary!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Festival of Trees 2011

Super Cooperative kids taking sweet cousins picture

Zar asked me yesterday if I had simply given up blogging. I said yes, sorta, but that's not true. It's just one of those things that was much easier to get to back when my kids took multiple naps and none were mobile. Plus our lives contain much less life and death drama than it used to.

However we have been enjoying this most wonderful time of the year.

My sister and nieces were in town for Thanksgiving and it's always wonderful to spend time with them. We went Black Friday shopping and Allison almost vomited during Twilight, and we compared dull-faced Santa pictures. Tried in vain for more another Christmas card picture, but I think it's just not to be this year. Zar and I ran the Cold Turkey 5K on Thanksgiving morning and it was way fun. Not so sure I would have had such fun had it been snowing or even much colder, but it was perfect conditions this year. Of course since then neither of us have ran a step, except to catch a child and deposit them back on the Calm Down Stair.

The Festival of Trees came and went and it was a great experience, as always. The tree turned out differently than I had anticipated but very cute. My sister took better pictures of the tree which won't upload for me. The company Zar works for bought our tree and we are so touched and grateful. I am hoping they let Zar keep the carousel horse as office decor once the season is over. I had told myself I would only do a tree every other year but already I'm thinking of next year and wanting to start all over again. It's a time and financial commitment so if I can talk myself out of it I may go ahead and wait. But it adds so much to the season and is such a wonderful way to honor our girls! We shall see.

In other news I am sicker than I have been in a long time today, but have been blessed that the day has gone by quickly. The goal today was to keep the children from being seriously injured. That's as much as I could handle. So far so good. Zar should be home any moment (PLEASE!) and I'm going to fall into a coma.

Until then.