Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This IS my Christmas Card.

Merry Christmas!

Despite everything, we had a joyful year, and we are having a fun kid centric Christmas Season.

Gingerbread Cookies...

Look at Ava's decorating skills!Ella too....oh...wait...well she did decorate some as well.

See? Well, genetically she's all mom.

Good One. Should have had this printed and mailed out. Darn it, too late.

This game is known as Five Little Monsters.

Aw, both dressed and awake, better take a picture. Of course our 7th family member is included, aka, the TV.

Family 2011 Highlight List

(off the top of my head)

Baby Lily earned her wings on February 6th. Although we miss her and grieve daily, we are so grateful we got to have her at all, and know we will see her again.

Ava turned 1 in May with a big hoopla party, and started to walk!

Erin and Zar continued working at their jobs.

The girls gained a new Aunt, Rachel, married to Erin's brother Cob.

Zar ran the American Fork Canyon half marathon.

Ella started preschool and loves it, (most days) and turned 3.

Ava's favorite words are Apple, Daddy, Minnie Mouse, Thank you, and Happy Shoes.

Ella loves running, singing, Diego, Dinosaur Train, going to the park and the Ipad.

We visited Disneyland in October with close friends and had a wonderful time!

The Utes joined the PAC 12 and Zar was pumped for his most favorite time of the year. The girls have been indoctrinated to recognize the drum and feather and yell "Go Utes!"

Erin turned 31, Zar turned 33, and we booked our trip to Glacier next year for our ten year anniversary!

Merry Christmas!

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Allison said...

These are hilarious pictures. I laughed out loud at the one of ella sucking frosting out of the bag and the should have been Christmas card. Cute cute girls. Sure will miss you this christmas...in uh...three days! crazy.