Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Festival of Trees 2011

Super Cooperative kids taking sweet cousins picture

Zar asked me yesterday if I had simply given up blogging. I said yes, sorta, but that's not true. It's just one of those things that was much easier to get to back when my kids took multiple naps and none were mobile. Plus our lives contain much less life and death drama than it used to.

However we have been enjoying this most wonderful time of the year.

My sister and nieces were in town for Thanksgiving and it's always wonderful to spend time with them. We went Black Friday shopping and Allison almost vomited during Twilight, and we compared dull-faced Santa pictures. Tried in vain for more another Christmas card picture, but I think it's just not to be this year. Zar and I ran the Cold Turkey 5K on Thanksgiving morning and it was way fun. Not so sure I would have had such fun had it been snowing or even much colder, but it was perfect conditions this year. Of course since then neither of us have ran a step, except to catch a child and deposit them back on the Calm Down Stair.

The Festival of Trees came and went and it was a great experience, as always. The tree turned out differently than I had anticipated but very cute. My sister took better pictures of the tree which won't upload for me. The company Zar works for bought our tree and we are so touched and grateful. I am hoping they let Zar keep the carousel horse as office decor once the season is over. I had told myself I would only do a tree every other year but already I'm thinking of next year and wanting to start all over again. It's a time and financial commitment so if I can talk myself out of it I may go ahead and wait. But it adds so much to the season and is such a wonderful way to honor our girls! We shall see.

In other news I am sicker than I have been in a long time today, but have been blessed that the day has gone by quickly. The goal today was to keep the children from being seriously injured. That's as much as I could handle. So far so good. Zar should be home any moment (PLEASE!) and I'm going to fall into a coma.

Until then.


Cristina said...

Hope you get well soon! Bertrand loved Boof's and Lily's tree when he went to festival! I did too but now I have way too many festival tree ideas! Maybe we should hit the after x-mas sales together? :) Love, C & gang

Allison said...

so sorry you're sick. Hope you're having a restful weekend. xxoxoxoxo