Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Sleepover with Ella

My hubs is out of town for a certain football game and I'm home with my girls for the New Year. It's fine. I'm on-call for hospital emergencies and it's nice to have that as excuse to not plan anything extravagant for the New Year. Can't get dressed. Am on call.

Last night Ava went to bed and Ella and I stayed up to make Oreo pops for our small New Years get together. Afterwards we went upstairs, read some stories, and at 9:45 I said "Oops! Time for bed!" Ella looked doubtful but I turned out the light and snuggled down. I do love my sleep.

Ella tossed and turned as usual and made many deep annoyed sighing sounds.


Ella: Mom! I'm getting scared! Of monsters!

Mom: Don't worry. There are no monsters in our house. In fact there are no monsters anywhere. And you've got mommy right here.

Ella: Yeah...mommy is the best.

Mom: uh huh.

Ella: Say "thank you dear."

Mom: Thank you dear.

Ella: Monsters aren't in the house. Only in the forest in the dark.

Mom: No, do you know what lives in the forest? Deer. And squirrels and chipmunks and bunnies.

Ella: But monsters are big! And are circles and squares and hexagons and, and....rectangles! And have a face.

Mom: ....Wow. Well that sounds like pretend to me. But there are no monsters and let's go sleep. It's very late.


Ella: Mom?

Mom: Yes dear?

Ella: When I get big I'm going to be a mommy. Just like you.

Mom: Good idea. Do you want to have a job, too, like mommy?

Ella: A job? What job?

Mom: You know, how mommy is a nurse, and goes to work?
Ella: Oh, work. Yeah, I want to work.

Mom: Well what do you want to do? You could be a nurse like mommy, which is great because it's flexible and in demand, or you could be a teacher, or write books, or work in the zoo, or cook in a restaurant, or anything at all.

Ella: I want to hang upside down. Like a possum.

Mom: Huh.

Ella: NO, no, like a monkey.

Mom: Huh. Well you could work in a zoo with monkeys...

Ella: (starting to cry) Noooo I want to BE a monkey!

Mom: Well....

Ella: (weeping) Please!

Mom: Okay you can be whatever you want to be. Let's go to sleep.

Ella: I just want to hang upside down.

Mom: Well good thing you are in gymnastics. That's a start. Sleepy time.


Ella: Mom?

Mom: hhmmph?

Ella: I want to snuggle the kitty.

Mom: Go for it. Good luck.

Ella: crawling over mom, petting kitty. "Hi Carmie."



Mom: What's up now?

Ella: Kitty is growling at me.

Mom: Oh hun that's not growling, that's purring. It means she is happy. Haven't you heard purring before?

Ella: She goes "Grrrrr"

Mom: She goes "purrrrrr." Go to sleep.





Mom: What's that.

Ella: Just a lion purring. Just go to sleep.

And I did.


Allison said...

Oh that funny new years girl. Cute cute

Erin said...

Thanks for sharing. Your daughters sound darling. Way to empower your children to be mommies, but also do other things!

Anonymous said...

Awww, no commentary from Ava?

Shannon said...

Bahahaha! Love it

Jae Marie said...

Oh this tickled me! hilarious and so cute. I love this age.