Thursday, November 17, 2011


This is how the Holidays are making me feel. Well, the Holidays and Coke Zero, which is, for obvious reasons, zero points on weight watchers. Which is something I'm doing right now because things were getting out of control. And egg nog season had not even begun.
Also, I'm listening to Ella shout "Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom?" from her room and wondering why The Children would never let me sneak away to take a bath by myself but when I want them to come be with me, Ava falls into sleepy fits until I plop her in the crib and Ella locks herself in her room with the Ipad and yells "Mom" 97 times until I go make sure she isn't trapped under the mattress. And she's 3. Shouldn't I have a few more years until she locks herself in her room after dinner? Hopefully by then she won't be following me into the tub. So there is that to look forward to.
Speaking of the Ipad, I swore I would never expose my children to "Barney," and turns out she was yelling for me because she is having trouble finding "The Orange Barney" on Netflix and would like some assistance. I cannot stand the orange Barney. It involves a very offensive dinosaur named Riff with a voice worse than Babybops, if that is possible. And he plays the saxophone. Plus it is bedtime. Ella is not taking this news well.
And yet I keep typing.
Hmmm. Maybe needing to cut back on evening Coke Zero.
And blog some other time.

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