Sunday, November 06, 2011


Pooh and Rex, the chosen souvenirs.

Buzz and Tiana

As you may recall we went to Disneyland a few weeks ago. Here are a few choice pics. It was delightful, as Disneyland always is. The company was perfect, the mid-day naps at our budget motel fantastic, and the Halloween Party was fun but PACKED but we did come home with a massive sack of candy which my mother enjoyed passing out on Halloween. We also got to go in to an annual pass holder party after closing time one night, which was awesome and ended with Ella running bare bummed through Tomorrowland, and how many kids can claim THAT? I don't know how we ended up becoming such Disney people but I guess there is no denying it. Hoping to make one more trip before our passes expire in March.

Once we got home, we enjoyed the rest of the Halloween season, and then I celebrated my 31st birthday on Friday. Fantastic. Yes, time is tripping along faster than I anticipated as a teenager, but that's fine with me. I worked on my birthday but on Thursday I got in a run, got a pedicure, (a real one) took the kids for bowling, got a nap, and had dinner and a movie with my husband. Which is an amazing day. Even my work day birthday included a sushi lunch and ended with pizza and taking Ella to see Puss in Boots (she learned some fiery Latin dancing). To top it off we went to a Hopekids birthday party for Lily on Saturday and did some skating, bouncing, and cake eating, and today my weight watchers (I'm baaaack!) weigh in was only two lbs up, for a week that included Halloween and multiple birthday celebrations. So not too shabby.


Alex said...

Oh those girls. Love that you and Ella match in the picture with Minnie.

Allison said...

I've been waiting for Disney pics!!! so so cute. Sounds like a lovely lovely birthday. Way to go on ww. I'm counting calories and trying desperately to stay motivated.