Monday, October 10, 2011

Big Kid Stuff

The long awaited Monkey Party

First Teeth Cleaning

My big kid Ella turns 3 tomorrow. She's been growing up like crazy these past few weeks. She is fully potty trained and loving preschool, (even naming her new birthday doll after one of her teachers, Miss Karen) and yesterday we finally completed the big room switch which I started about a year ago. Finally the girl's clothes are actually in their own rooms. The girls also went to the dentist today, for Ava's first check up and Ella's first real cleaning. She was so brave and good, and it reminded me of her big sister being so brave and good though all she went through. Not that a dental visit even compares, but thankfully it's as close as we've gotten with Ella, as far as invasive procedures go.

I cannot believe Ella is three. It seems like she hasn't been here very long, and yet when Charlotte turned three it felt like she had always, always been with us. Somehow Charlotte managed to fit soooo much life into those three little years and 8 short months. Not that Ella hasn't, but time has definitely sped up since I entered typical kid life. Makes me want to slow down and enjoy the little things more, which becomes increasingly difficult as these kids get crazier and messier and so, so busy. I love it, despite the break neck pace. These kids are going to be teenagers before I know it. When Charlotte died and then Lily died, thinking of the long tedious life ahead was enough to completely overwhelm and depress me. Now this life is overwhelming me with how fast it's flashing by.


Niki said...

Seriously cool party.
You are such an awesome mom!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Ells! Love you!

Lavonne said...

OMG! love the Monkey party!!! It looks like something out of a magazine!

Marsha said...

So beautiful. You certainly know how to throw an awesome party!

Carleton & Robyn said...

Your parties are amazing! Your last post was so so funny. Your Halloween decorations are so great! Fun blog.