Friday, September 23, 2011

Feeling Good

So the internet has been down at our home for the last few weeks, at first just partially so, and then completely, and no one really got around to calling on it until today. Thank goodness that someone was Zar as it took an hour and $40 to fix, which seems ridiculous, but the modem was out of warranty...or similar. But we're back up, with faster speeds, so hooray! Now maybe I will have the patience to upload more picture of my kids at the zoo. Yes.

Aside from the zoo, there are other things I've been up to. Here is a brief update.

Potty Training (warning, mentions potty stuff.): Success! Finally after months of fighting it and acting all squirrely, I told Ella that on Tuesday we are throwing away the diapers, and you are going to pee in the potty. She, shockingly, agreed. We talked about it all week and told all our friends who oohed and ahhed. Then we did it. Woke up, got naked (her), sang a song and dumped the diapers in a (clean) garbage bag. She did so great. We stayed inside and she peed and the potty all day long. It was awesome. That was last Tuesday and she is now going to preschool and Target and Costco in big girl pants and doing fabulous. We've had a few accidents obviously, a bad one with her poor sitter, but really it's been awesome. I look forward to doing a better, faster, less prolonged training with Ava. And the checkout girl at Target laughed heartily when Ella informed her that she worked at "The Panny Store."

Organization: I've decided, now not having the stress and emotional struggle of a special needs child, that I can no longer spend money like a drunken sailor. This is something I should have figured out years ago, but honestly, with everything else going on, it was just one thing I couldn't bear to think about. We were covering our medical bills, and I was happy. Even if that meant treating ourselves...okay...myself, and my kids, to little luxuries that perhaps were out of our non-existent budget. So now, having decided to look for ways to save money and pay attention to my I's and O's, turns out I need to come up with other stuff to do other than wander the mall or Target, aka, The Panny Store. This has, actually, been awesome. I have rearranged my kitchen and finally threw away the stale and spilled weight watchers cereal in my cupboard, moved the pots and pans around and used our billions of old medical tubs to organize our pantry. These tubs will be familiar to anyone with kids who frequent the hospital, but we had even more than normal due to the pumping and storing I did for Lily during her NICU stay. See tubs. Couldn't bear to cover her sweet little name on the "Snax" tub. Sigh.

I also, having discovered and explored (GO NOW) have learned to make laundry detergent from bars of Fels Naptha (smells almost as good as Pine Sol, drove around with a bar in my car for awhile) washing soda and borax. This has been fun and economical, along with my reusable dryer sheets cut from old flannel burp rags and a fabric softener concoction. I feel like a full on pioneer. With an Ipad. And pinterest. In the interest of full disclosure I get a huge kick out of scooping my little teaspoons of powder into my laundry, but I still take no joy from folding it.

More Pinterest Exploration and resulting crafts: I did a lot of pinning before our internet went down, and therefore had lots of ideas for stuff to do while I wasn't shopping and/or waiting for potty success. Here are my copy-cat Halloween decorations I stole, which have been up for...way too long already. Thank you Cricut, dead sticks, and black spray paint. Oh yes, and the dollar store, another recent discovery. Their pasta is mushy but everything else, eye opening.

Thinking About Deadly Epidemics: Yes...we have been hearing about the importance of food storage and disaster preparedness for many years...there have been entire conference weekends pretty much dedicated to it...but it took a movie about a super bat/pig virus to get my butt in gear. I guess I always assumed if there were some sort of earthquake any food I had managed to store would be buried in the basement, or I could still run up to the the Smiths and loot with the rest of them, or focus on getting to Shannon's house were the giant Shelf Reliance system is...but my goodness, what if it were a VIRUS TYPE DISASTER??? (such as in the recent movie release, Contagion)Those people were waiting in emergency food lines like 20 DAYS IN. With masks and guns. I mean C'MON. I'm happy to report I worked a couple of these beauties into the budget, so I can relax a bit, and am now focusing on the more economical beans and wheat type storage. Slowly. Oh, and I made my own tiny pantry organization thing out of an empty muscle milk box. (pinterest). For black beans. Cuz I have like NINE CANS. So...yeah, all is safely gathered in, if you know what I mean.
Feels good to be potty trained (both Ella and I), organized, somewhat in control of my spending, overly decorated, and blogging again.


Team Carter Jay said...

Oh yes....Pinterest has been life changing for me and my housewife skills lol! I could have written this post (minus the potty training). Homemade laundry soap and dishwasher detergent here, along with some mad organization skills.

katherine said...

ok, so now i will follow you on pinterest too! glad thing are well. you're awesome.

Allison said...

very, very nice. My days are completely changed due to pinterest. yay for food storage...must go to costco to buy buckets of peace-o-mind and have mom take us to the cannery. perfect.

Christina said...

The all is safely gathered in line had me cracking up. I have visited your blog before but actually just came across it again via what else- pinterest! Thanks for a good laugh. You lead such an inspiring life. Thank you for sharing your amazing perspective of joy among sorrow. I appreciate it!