Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome Back

Well, thanks to those who let me know my blog was inaccessible for a couple weeks. After investigation, turns out my custom template was not compatible with some of my widgets. Something about javascript? ???

Anyway, I had to change my template. Kind of sad, as that was my first original, fully custom template, but change is good too.

If you have been gone, welcome back. You haven't missed much, just some long ramblings on my feelings on hospitals, which is what I thought was scaring people away.

If you are checking to see if I've fallen pregnant, or had another child dropped in my lap, I'm sorry to disappoint you. We are hoping for a long, peaceful (and 99% likely permanent) reprieve from that kind of crazy.


Jae Marie said...

That Ava is just a doll!!! She looks like one my nieces when she was a baby! SOOOOOO adorable! :-) (and her name rhymes with hers too! -- If I'm pronouncing it correctly... do you pronounce it "Ay-vah or "Ah-vah?")

I like the new layout, its cheery, but I'm happy to be able to read your updates again! I wasn't able to get to your blog on the last few attempts. It kept redirecting and then just going blank!


Niki said...

Look at Miss Thing and her hair! I have been wondering about my blog too. Comments have dropped off of the face of the earth and we're not showing up in blogrolls anymore. Hmmm....
Like the new look!

Allison said...

there you are. xoxoxoxo lookin good.

Alex said...

Works for me too- even using Google Chrome. I love the new template! Very fun and fresh. xoxo!

Cristina said...

I never had a problem reading your blog, but that's because I subscribe to it via google reader (and read on my phone). I rarely actually visit blogs, except on the blue moon I get a second to sit at my computer--and comment! :) Ava is a doll!