Friday, August 26, 2011

Rock Tasting

First of all, if you've had trouble accessing my blog or others from certain computers, I guess there is an issue with Google Chrome as a search engine for some blog viewing. Internet Explorer and others seem to work fine. You may be able to tell I really don't know what I'm talking about. The kids put together this "Breakfast" while the dads were cooking the real one. Ava tasted a lot of rocks and it looks as though Ella might have one stored away in her cheek as well.

Fish Lake

Had a quick(!) getaway up to Fish Lake to stay overnight with some friends last weekend. I snuck out of work early at 2:00 on Saturday and we left the lake for home 24 hours later. Sheesh! It was still good to to be up out of the city, to stand on the deck and desperately suck in fresh air, and spend time with good friends, eat like crazy, and even to have a few hours in the car with my hubs to read aloud and chat.

I cannot believe this was Ava's first trip to the lake! We were staying at a friend's cabin although Zar's family also has a cabin in the area. It's different now with the kids wildly running around, getting filthy, playing games, screaming and laughing. One of my favorite things used to be to take Charlotte to the lake where the altitude and lack of media made everyone good and snoozy. Many naps were had by all. The nappy days are done for now, I think. Hello to the rock eating days.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Been trying to access your blog using firefox (which is probably now the most popular internet browser) and it instantly redirects to a page but... the page never loads, it just stays white.

I am accessing it now using Safari on my mac. Was curious if your blog was hacked by a phishing scheme or perhaps there is just some bad code that you placed in your blog.

It makes it impossible to access your blog or read your updates... was coming here to tell you to change your password becuase you'd been phished... but perhaps that's not what happened afterall... but some code you may have placed on your blog that is broken...

Gonna have a look around and offer my suggestion after I play catch up!! :-)

Alex said...

I can see your blog now. Yay! It's a bummer it was the DTM thing though. Try to find another way to put it on there!

kristen said...

Ha ha that pic is funny.....I must of been inside high on drugs.....oh wait I was! Thanks or coming up with us and sticking it out even though I was completely useless! We will do it again soon!

April said...

Oh Fish Lake is so beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to enjoy some time together!