Friday, August 12, 2011

I Hate Potty.

Ella is running around bare bottomed shouting "I want a notebook! I waaaant a NOTEBOOK!" I don't think she's going to get it.

All she has to do to get the notebook is pee. In the big girl pink princess throne music making potty. She has announced recently that she is going to wear diapers FOREVER, rather than have a tricycle, or a Jesse Doll, or look cool in preschool, or be just like her friend Caro. And cousin Hayes. And Mom.

Well I decided to give up, and was grateful I can still drive around and run errands for hours without worrying about being within 10 seconds of a potty at all times. Grandmas are both more willing to do the whole stay at home for a week naked and make her use the pot thing. Ugh. Sounds like something I would rather do in the dead of winter, not in these last precious summer days that are not unbearably hot and perfect for park and zoo going.

By the way, the above is the Potty Basket I put together for her, which includes lots of items from Target's dollar bin. A coloring book, crayons, warm fuzzy pom poms, stickers, blocks, a foam clock (she recently discovered our bathroom clock), Winnie the Pooh bandaids, a plastic microphone, a mini-football, and thrown in at the last second, a tiny notebook, which she has decided is perfect for writing down clues while watching Blues Clues. The notebook is what she wants. Today at grandma's she had success and got a little personal package of kleenex with ducks on them. She was thrilled.

However much she desires the notebook, it doesn't seem enough to overcome her rejection of the potty. She's mad. She wants to go to the picnic. She wants the notebook. She wants the potty to play music. She just really, really doesn't want to pee.

Can't we just wait till December? Seems Ella thinks so.

update: she did not earn the notebook and I need to stock up on carpet cleaner.

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Amanda, Jared, Ella and Milee said...

Oh Erin. It will come. I promise. Ella has to decide she wants to do it when she wants to do it. Seems she is a bit stubborn. My Ella is too. Now she'd rather wear panties to bed and piddle all over her sheets rather than wear a pullup. Silly girls!