Friday, August 05, 2011

Fun while it lasted...

A short, somewhat cautionary tale of my Bridesmaid Eyelash Extensions. Please excuse the ridiculous photos--tiny cell phone pic, massive forehead pic, and No-make-up hide-my-wonky-nose pic. It was quite distressing taking the photos for this post, and believe it or not,

THESE were the least offensive of the bunch.

Before my bro's wedding a couple weeks ago, my sisters and I got eyelash extensions. It was cheap--done by a student who came to us--and it was fun. New and different and glamorous. My sister-in-law-to-be had them and looked all Disney Princess 24 hours a day, even while fainting on the beach after we all passed around a tummy bug on vacation (which may or may not have started with me.) My sisters both looked awesome after our discount appointment. Mine were a little too dramatic, possibly because I'm over the big Three-Oh so they just looked a bit desperate, (or somewhat aging exotic dancer) or because I'm the palest of...well...pretty much anyone, so they looked really, really big. But fun. Perfect for the last big family wedding. Yes it's probably not the best to trust this to a student who is charging like 1/4 the normal price, but really she did a great job gluing the super-lashes on I did a great job falling asleep and snoring myself awake every 2 minutes for an hour and a half. No one got an infection or anything else creepy, so forgive me my less than super-cautious nature when it comes to cosmetic issues...

And this is me now. man my nose looks terrifying up close... You see a couple hangers-on; tough little buggers who did not succumb to my steam and olive oil soak yesterday. Let's be clear--you aren't supposed to take them off. You are supposed to go get "fills" every 3 weeks or so to fill in the ones that have naturally fallen off. That just wasn't in my budget, financially or time-wise, and I became alarmed when it seemed mine were falling off with half a lash still attached, leaving me with sad little lash stubs. Yes you can go get them taken off safely and professionally, but what a waste of a babysitter. So I went with the Google method of oil dissolving them off and this is where I am left. Yes a few may have been accidentally tugged off which resulted in complete loss of lash. Also a no-no.

I looked into going and having them professionally re-done which, as aforementioned, is expensive and time consuming, and then there's the Old Stripper issue....
So I'm just going to stick with my own lashes for the time being. With make up they really are fine, and I don't look too much like Creepy Robin Hood like I do in picture 2 above. In a few weeks they will have grown back in, and will always seem wimpy and sad compared to the Sleeping Beauty lashes I briefly enjoyed.

That is...unless I try that stuff Brooke Shields sells.

Funny how I never gave my lashes an iota of thought until two weeks ago. Weird things creep in when you aren't worrying about life or death, turns out.

But, you know, live and learn.

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Allison said...

those pics are creeping me out! I don't think I'll ever do it again either. Mine are falling out too and are all patchy...but it's probably easier to tell on you. Your lashes looked great- not desperate or stripper at all.