Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Erin's Favorite Things

Most of my random blog posts are born in my brain when I can't sleep. Last night I was thinking about how I had to take Ava to her doctor's appointment this morning and then had a lot of cleaning to do. Then I thought about that great clean house smell you get after a major day of cleaning, and I felt a little better. And I was grateful for Pine-Sol. And thus, this post was born. A short list of my current can't-live-withouts. The Tangle Teezer or The Knot Genie

This is a brush I originally bought online from England for like 18 bucks before Ava even arrived in our home because I heard on the Adoption hair care boards that it was great for AA hair. Well it is. It is also great on my hair, and on Ella's. It's meant for extra curly hair and gets out knots and snarls quickly and painlessly, but also glides through straight hair and feels like a little scalp massage. (Ella would disagree on painlessly, she is quite dramatic about getting her hair brushed). They are now available locally at stores like Cookie Cutters--they sell the Knot Genie which is very similar but a slightly different shape, I prefer this one because it fits just so in my hand and is easy to grasp as I chase Ella around trying to brush out wet hair. So now I have two, one for upstairs by the bath and one downstairs for doing hair in front of the TV.
which brings me to:Yes, it's expensive. And easy to get sucked into their ridiculous automatic delivery system and hard to get back out. I got lured in by a free one month supply and luckily I loved it, so I wasn't too furious when the giant 3 month supply arrived with a bill 6 weeks later. In case you don't know about Wen and don't frequent the Infomercial channel, this is a hair product, a Cleanser, if you will, and you just use this and no conditioner. You put on a ton of it, massage it like crazy, add a little water, brush it through with a tangle teezer or painful wide tooth comb they provide, let it sit and rinse out and my hair is so much softer and bouncier than it ever was. I'm growing it back out just because of this stuff. I've used nothing but this since the beginning of June and I will never go back. Bad name--when I hear the word Wen I think of a big ole cyst on some dude's face (true, look it up, you would think they would have before naming it) but maybe that's just me. They have a much less expensive brand called Hair One at Sally's which I tried, and it's good, but the Wen is just enough better that I'm sticking with it for now. However the kind they have for curly hair at Sally's with Argan oil is awesome for Ava. It's all I use on her now.
Have you tried these? They are delish. Probably somewhat better for you than a cookie so you can go with that idea as you eat the whole Costco box. Which is why I only have an empty wrapper to take a picture of.

Naps. I have always appreciated naps, but on this day, when we took Ella to a water park and she was a big grump the whole day, I was thrilled when she fell asleep on a damp towel and let me snooze next to her under a tree in the August heat. It was incredible. I woke up all drooly. And Zar got to go on slides to his heart's content.

As promised, Pine-Sol. Yes this is a giant 1.36 gallon bottle. I fell in love with it two years ago as we were arriving at the condo at the beach we have gone to with my family for years and years, and it had just been cleaned with something incredible smelling. Now it still reminds me of the beach and vacations. While I was pregnant with Lily I could not get enough of it, and made a little solution of it in a spray bottle that I used as an air freshener. And occasionally as a body mist. Probably not the best idea but pregnant ladies be crazy. I must include my beloved Vita-mix, bought at the State Fair circa 1999, back when I was working full time, living at home, and a $400 blender seemed like a fine idea. Best investment EVER. Right up there with higher education. Of course I make my spinach smoothies which keep me from living a totally veggie-free lifestyle, and it's also great for pureeing baby food, whipping up instant pudding, sauces, and those pesky tomato soups with big chunks of tomatoes in them that just ruin it. After a whirl in the vita-mix they goes down nice and smooth. Vita-Mix, I love you.

The Ipad. I didn't know I needed one until my dad offered to help pay for one so Ella wouldn't always be demanding to play Monkey Preschool Lunchbox on his. It changes EVERYTHING. The world will never be the same.

I wish Charlotte could have had an Ipad. I picture her in her little red wheelchair and her desk using her fat little fingers to scribble and make bubbles and maybe even point to the pictures she wanted to express...oh man. If you have a special needs child, you must get an Ipad. I'm sure I'm not the first person to think so.
... taking a moment to breath and remind myself that Charlotte certainly doesn't need an Ipad now, and if that's my biggest regret regarding her, (it's not) then we are very lucky. We will get into regrets another day. Or maybe we won't because we are doing quite well at the moment emotionally.

But anyway, why would I waste time with this stupid pointless post? Because of one thing that is waiting for me at the top of the stairs that definitely makes my Least-Favorite Things List. Thanks for indulging me. If you feel like futher distracting me from my household duties,

I will be checking the Ipad (sniff!) for any suggestions you may have for future favorite things lists. For now, back to laundry day.


Jayne said...

You've sold me on "Wen". I just oredered some. Those cookies don't last long at our house either--very addicting.

MK said...

Crap. I was thinking about order "Wen" and then decided it was a scam. My hair is so dry from nursing...you just sold me on it...