Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Halloween! And Tree Update

All I think about is Halloween and the Christmas tree. I actually considered decorating for Halloween today while the girls were napping, but decided even for me that's a little ridiculous. So I thought more about the tree. I got some great ideas and responses from my last tree update! I am going to go with a pennant tree top, just got to figure out how to go about that. A couple people had an amazing idea to make a tree skirt with stripes radiating out from the tree like the top of a carousel. Awesome. Too bad I have no sewing skills, but I have friends and family who do. Saving my Jo-Anns coupons for fabric. I also found some cute glass candy ornaments today, multicolored and small like little wrapped hard candies. Thinking about throwing a few of those on there. I need to go down to my basement and do a dry run, put what I have on our K-mart special tree and figure out if I need more horses. Once Christmas stuff comes out I will go get some garlands and a few big shiny balls, oh yeah, and a tree. There were other major ideas like getting a little popcorn or cotton candy machine to auction off with the tree, but we will see if we raise enough money on

So a few friends, knowing how much I love the fair, forwarded me an email for a 2 for 1 fair tickets. I jumped right on that, and was introduced to this amazing website called It's like Groupon and the other great deal sites except they give a portion of their proceeds to charity. And even more amazing, we were able to sign up as a cause to make a little money for the tree! They have State Fair tickets 2 for 1 for a few more days as well as clothing deals, ice cream, and that Pass of All Passes for next year everyone around here seems to know about. For the next 30 days 100% of all the proceeds for deals bought under our cause will go to our tree fund. There are also tons of other great causes, both big and small. So go buy a fair ticket or a frozen yogurt or a weekend getaway and search for Charlotte and Lily under Choose a Cause. Or you can just follow this link. Or the button on my sidebar, for that matter.

As for Halloween, we have finally...well I guess it's still August...but we are settled on Toy Story. Ella ONLY wants to be Buzz, and this has remained stable for months. Luckily we have friends who were Toy Story last year, and their toddler daughter was Buzz, so we will just be borrowing costumes for the most part. Ava will be Jesse which we will have to put together, and Zar will be Woody, and I'm going to be Bo-peep with my awesome costume my mother-in-law made me a couple years ago. See above. It doesn't really look like Bo-peep from the movie but it's so great, and I got called in to work on Halloween that year and didn't really get to wear it. Then I was barely not pregnant so it wasn't going to work last year. I'm PUMPED.

I LOVE this time of year. As in Fall. Although it is still August. LETS GO SEPTEMBER!


Shannon said...

YAY! I am going to buy fair tickets- and I will be faithfully watching the deals this month. Hopefully we can raise a bundle for the tree. I think Bo Peep will be awesome for Halloween- I am so excited. I decided I am not even going to pass out candy at my house this year. I want to do all the fun stuff instead of just staying home- so we better plan something awesome!

Lillian Angelovic said...

Switched my dealsthatmatter to your tree!

Hollie Noel said...

Erin...Im a Halloween freak. When i noticed they had halloween decor out i wanted to get going on decorating BUT i thought i should wait till October. I like the toy story idea. Pretty neat idea if i do say so myself:)
ps. this is Hollie Noel..from work duh!!