Thursday, July 07, 2011


Vacation with babies is...less than relaxing. Doesn't help that we are all passing around a stomach virus. Looking forward to clean clothes, not sleeping in the same room as my kids and eating something other than cheese and cap'n crunch. Oh and sheets that aren't perpetually damp. It's been fun and good to be with fam but I'm ready to come home. Going to try hard to get a few pics of my beach babies tomorrow, provided I can muster the energy to get them all ready and out on the sand. Ella seems intent on getting herself swept out to back to that "less than relaxing" issue I mentioned. Seems easier to stay cooped up watching The OC on DVD and unwrapping popsicle after Popsicle. Happy the kids are so worn out from fit throwing I have a moment to sit...and just sit.

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