Monday, July 11, 2011


So proud...
up on my feet again!

frightening foreshadow for teen years?

Yeah, bad form to complain about a beach vacation. I sincerely apologize. Had a bad day. And the barfs. And Ava is getting molars.

In brief update--

Ava is ALSO now a full-fledged walker, and it is awful cute.

Ella loves the ocean and I've pretty much given up potty training for now. (unrelated.)

In the middle of a crazy month--vacay, pioneer trek (my first!) Jake's wedding and related 35 bridal showers, and Harry Potter, so you know. Blogging is falling by the wayside.

Also in the middle of low-carb pre-wedding detox from major donut binge in CA. Uploading photos tonight also forced me to observe my somewhat distressing "Before Photos." (man I've taken a lot of Before Photos....)

Plus I've just been too busy to focus on grief, the working through thereof, or Lily's headstone, so that's making me feel guilty and I don't really want to go there right now.

Thanks for standing by.

(dear husband, I don't want to hear how much this entry stinks. Start your own blog. --Your loving wife)


Alex said...

Thank you for the apology. I had a lovely trip with you and your noisy offspring. Now tell Ella to stop refusing to hug me unless I promise her a cookie.

Niki said...

Girl, I think you can complain about whatever you want. As you reminded Z (and us) this is YOUR blog! It seems like the whirlwind month is taking its toll. I'm exhausted just reading about it :) Hope there is some "mommy time" built in there too amidst all of the fun! I love Ella's pic in the swim gear, what a darling diva! Watch out boys! and Hooray for walking Ava! HUGS

Susan said...

We missed you on the 4th. Glad to see such cute pictures from the beach!

Becky said...

LAUGHING at your last sentence. :) You make my world go round!

Anonymous said...

You were all missed at the great Hayes Fourth of July Party!

xoxoCarolyn H.

abigail said...

This is my first time reading your blog. I feel close to you and I have only read a few pages. It took me five years to be able to put a headstone on my babies grave. She would have been 26 years old now and that seems so insignificant. I still think of her and miss her. It is okay to want/need to separate yourself from your grief without feeling guilty about it. It helps you rebuild yourself and makes you stronger for the next wave which is sure to happen because deep love can never be buried. Grief is your right and it can only be done your way.