Friday, July 22, 2011


Mr and Mrs

They do Look sweet...

My brother got married yesterday. He is the youngest of four kids, and the only boy, and he married lovely R who is the youngest of four kids, and the only girl. They have lots of experience living with member of the opposite sex, but I think he is used to a lot more drama than she is. The dynamics should be fun!

We Love her. You would think someone so beautiful would be somewhat obnoxious, but she's not. She's perfect for our family and she is perfect for him.

My girls were not so perfect for the wedding. Ava was thrilled with all the attention and snuggles but would not hold still for an instant for a picture. Ella is a bit overtired after a month of vacations and being babysat away from home, and spending very little time camped out watching Minnie as she prefers. And so, even when bribed with M&Ms to smile nicely in photos, and wear her flower crown ("Just like Tangled!!") and stop crying please, she resisted. In fact, she announced "I don't want emmamems, I just be BAD!"


My parents have successfully raised four (awesome) kids into fairly stable and somewhat contributing members of society. What a relief.

Having just begun, I can say it looks like quite a long road ahead.

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Shannon said...

YAY! Congrats to the awesome couple. She is so beautiful it makes me want to puke.