Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Grubbin'

Remember that sleepy itchy grubby dusty sore feeling you had at the end of a good long summer day? Well these kids know it well. Here's to summer grubbin!


Allison said...

Oh those cute, lucky, grubby girls. I miss Holland too-- and of course I only knew it through you. But you will always carry with you the very special, lovely things about Holland. They will always be a huge part of who you are and your family. People read your blog and are jealous of your trip to Holland because it was so special. You have had a very full life. Take it with you and keep your eyes and heart open in Italy because you still have so much to enjoy here! xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

My memories of summer with toddlers is that the evening bath was so worthwhile!.......and there seemed always to be sticky lemonade on the kitchen floor! That was summer for me.

xoxoCarolyn H.