Sunday, June 26, 2011


Check out my mad hair skills. This is my first veil style attempt. Yeah mom, you got mad skills! (please ignore Ella consuming her somewhat-good-at-church-reward-sucker instead of her healthy balanced lunch) I am enjoying recording my hair learnings as we go, as I learn to part somewhat and twist and braid and one day cornrow, so I can look back and see where I've been and how much I have grown.
Because--(and here comes my weekly thoughtful post)--continuing to grow is what life is all about. I've been down this week for various reasons, some of which I've documented in prior posts. Today after struggling through the first hour of church with my wild, loud, poopy girls (yes, Ella announced during the meeting "I'm pooping! I did it! Change my diaper!") I got a chance to sit with my husband during the second hour and feel sorry for myself and pick at my nails and make deep sighing sounds. Then during the final hour, I sat alone, and realized that I'm being a boob, and I'm not the only one who has suffered, I'm not the only one asked to do things I would rather not do, and hanging out stagnating like I would like to do probably isn't the best thing for me or my continuing maturity aka eternal progression.
So yes, I would prefer to just lay around and rest and take a year or two off to be a mom of two tiny wild poopy girls, and apparently Ella would like to continue to use a diaper for the foreseeable future. Just this morning when I presented her with her potty she screamed "NOT YET MOMMY!" and ran upstairs sobbing for a pull-up. Which is just what I've been tempted to do. (well, sort of.) So here's to developing mad skills, whether they be hair related, potty related, or actually practicing what I preach.


Carleton & Robyn said...

I love your blog.

Shannon said...

Awesome 'do cool white momma! I love it! Your blog is truly fantastic Bean- but I still think you are totally justified in dropping that I can do it attitude and getting out of the primary for awhile. It would help to "practice what you preach" if your well was a little bit fuller. Just sayin..... love you!

rick & chrysi said...

Erin, I love you! I'm so glad you blog. And I mean this all in a completely not wierd way.
- Chrysi