Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Once I took Charlotte and newborn Ella to Harmons to do the grocery shopping. It was drizzly when we left, but I needed to get out of the house. By the time we got there it was a downpour. I decided to sit in the parking lot until it let up a bit, as carrying Ella, Charlotte, a tank of oxygen, and a purse into the store in a downpour didn't' seem like the best idea. Plus I had just had a c-section. I think this was my first trip out of the house with both kids after getting out of the hospital.
Anyway. It rained and it rained and Charlotte just sat back there clicking her tongue and looking out the window, and Ella snoozed. Pretty soon I decided we had better get going. I had left the house in a desperate rush and hadn't nursed Ella before leaving, and I didn't have an unending supply of oxygen either. And I was thinking I could use a painkiller somewhat soon. (C-section, remember.) The carts around us were soaking wet so I didn't want to just dump the kids in there and make a run for it. In hindsight that would've been a better idea. So finally I hobbled out of the car, put on a sling, pulled Ella out of the car seat, stuffed her into the sling, unbuckled Charlotte and slung her over my shoulder, grabbed her tank and my purse, and made a run for it.
We made it inside. I found a cart and tried to put Charlotte in the front but the little seat was this ridiculous spring loaded contraption and I didn't have a free hand to hold it down and put her in. It kept popping up and blocking the leg holes in the cart. Charlotte was screaming over being slightly wet and the bumpy ride in. I couldn't get the oxygen off my shoulder without putting her down first, and I was worried about knocking Ella's head with the tank. I started to get frantic. I'm sure I looked like a crazy woman. Finally a store clerk came running over and helped me get Charlotte in the seat and the tank off my back. Then he saw the sling and the newborn and said "OH my goodness another one!" He proceeded to walk me about the store explaining that a woman in my situation who clearly doesn't have it together qualified for disability services and I could just have a seat and he would take my list and fill my cart for me. I said I was very grateful but I declined. Well I got my spaghetti sauce and whatever else I needed and relented when the cashier insisted I really did need to the use the drive up service. I made it home, changed Charlotte's oxygen, nursed Ella, took a pain pill and boiled up some spaghetti.
I found myself thinking about that day earlier today when I convinced myself it was just TOO MUCH TROUBLE to get my girls into a store on a nice sunny day and get some groceries. My, how times do change.


Alexandra Greer said...

Oh how that Chuckie girl loved attention. Xoxo.

Kim said...

Well there are days that for sanities sake we get out of the house, on other days staying home and having choco parties all day long is what sounds best. My little one doesn't care either way as long as she is with me and i am not at the hospital. Thank you for sharing your blog you are an inspiring mother!

The Bayly's said...

My second daughter had RSV at two weeks old and was on oxygen for awhile, and I remember the joys of dragging that whole set up around with a car seat and a toddler hanging on my leg. Maybe it's time, or faulty memory, but in some ways that seemed easier than dragging all three healthy kids to the store some days. Go figure. Maybe you're just willing to put up with anything when your desperate to get out of the house :).

Allison said...

Amazing what you can do when you have to and how easy it is to default to laziness when you don't. Oh those sweet, sweet girls.