Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Birthdays Dresses

Ava's Birth Day

Ava is about to celebrate her first trip around the sun.
What an incredible first year she has had. What a special and beautiful girl. What a lucky family we are.
Getting ready for Ava's birthday has made me reflect on all my girl's birthdays. I realized today leaving the mall that all of them have had special Gymboree dresses for their first birthdays. (Except my sweet Lily. Something tells me what she will have in heaven will beat even gold tulle and zoo animals.)
When Charlotte turned 1 it was a huge deal, for obvious reasons. She had a sweet little pixie cut from her hair just starting to grow in from her big skull surgery a couple months prior. She had just started focusing her eyes and reaching for toys. It was very special. Her dress was a light blue sundress with embroidered zoo animals along the hem. So dear and looked so pretty on her. I still have it even though it has red mystery stains on it that won't come out. I guess she wanted to be sure no one else would get to wear it. She got a Jeep jogging stroller for her birthday. Shortly after she passed away I ran over it. Guess she didn't want anyone else enjoying that either.
When Ella turned 1 she got a pink jumper with a cupcake embroidered on the chest and a white cream shirt underneath with colorful dots on the collar. My mom also bought her a HUGE petticoat skirt in pink and brown (the colors of her birthday party) and a little long sleeve pink shirt with "1" on it in silver sparkles. She wore the petticoat happily on her birthday and since has thrown a giant fit whenever I've tried to force it on her. Little punk. She got a little rocking horse that Grandma named Taffy. When you push a button on it's ear it neighs and makes annoying trotting noises for the next five minutes. Taffy has been hidden behind the couch.
I've long planned Ava to wear a yellow dress for her birthday, after seeing pictures of a darling pink and yellow party online. I felt it would also be a good excuse for me to get some yellow heels, which I have always wanted. Finally after much searching I found a dress at last night that was yellow and cute and called to put one on hold. Today I went to pick it up. While at the mall I discovered a couple things--the yellow dress wasn't as cute in person, and wasn't the correct yellow anyway, and yellow heels apparently were in last season. Or maybe the season before...I always take a couple seasons to work up the courage to wear what was "in" two years ago...
My little White Hoof in a Yellow pump I bought online which turned out to be too big, too mustard, and too stripper-esque. Figure I need yellow shoes for my brothers wedding anyway, so the search continues.

Anyway, I was thrilled to turn around and see The Perfect Birthday Dress for Ava, twice as expensive, of course, but with a vague Ethiopian vibe and gold, which is close enough to yellow anyway. She's going to look like a Princess. Stay tuned.


katherine said...

eek, i can't wait to see photos!! hope all is well!

Renee' said...

Love reading your blog and I'm ususally silent but I have to say that I went shoe shopping this weekend and apparently I now wear granny shows because the picture of the show you have posted is all the shoe store had. That or flip flops and I have not desire to break my neck today or next week. I don't see how people walk in those shoes!! Some are cool but some make you wanna go oh my gosh and to beat it all a woman was in the store buying a pear almost like the ones you have pictured for her teen daughter..young teen daughter. I about feel out in the floor because I just don't see me buying somethin like that for my daughter...then I decided not only did I need a granny shoe store but I need a old foggie store too...Good grief I'm getting old and apparently not evely stylishly old!

Team Carter Jay said...

lol, I'm always a little late on the fasion stuff too. I hope you find the perfect dress! She'll look adorable in anything.

Are you doing a large tree for the Festival? I think we're going to be doing several small trees for Carter this year.

Becky said...

Laughing at the description of your shoes. :) Love how you keep it real. Can't WAIT to see the dress. :)