Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Am sick. As long as I sit still, I am okay. Hence, blogging. If I am sick, that surely means Ella of the weak stomach will be so shortly. Waiting to hear that familiar call from her room--"MOM I NEED A HUG!!! NEED A HUG!!!! URP! I THROWED UP!" Am blaming kids meal from Sonic on the way home from the zoo today. Somewhat dizzy. Perhaps this is not such a great idea.
I worked Memorial Day this year. I think next year I will take it off again. It's quite good for the soul to spend time at my girl's grave site and visit with the families who come and leave flowers for the children all around us--Ava (another one), Lily (Another one), Jonas, Adam. We went up after work, but it wasn't the same. And we missed everyone. Plus work was a BEAST.
Okay, going to go lie down.

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