Friday, April 01, 2011

Disneyland trip (One) 2011

I love Disneyland.
I do not love driving from California to Utah in one day, which is what we did today. We got up at four am, I mistakenly packed the deodorant and toothbrushes in the wrong bag and couldn't locate them, and the kids were less than thrilled about the wake up call. On the way we were trapped in accident related traffic twice, (one involving Life Flight, which kind of put things into perspective) and Ella threw up twice, requiring two clothing changes. Ava kept her green beans down without issue, but treated us to long periods of wild furious screaming. Now we are home, bathed, surrounded by giant suitcases of dirty laundry and having eaten nothing but popcorn, nibs, and McDonalds all day, so I'm having trouble gushing about Disneyland as I would like to. I will. Just after a night of sleep in my own bed with my own pillow and then a lovely day at work after which I'm sure I will come home to a clean house full of folded clean laundry. (fingers crossed!)


Anonymous said...

That's why we live in St George so our beautiful young families don't have to drive all the way in one day. Please stop by and sleep next time. We are a very child-friendly home. Love, Hugh and Sharon

Katie said...

The happiest place on it!

Lacey said...

We love Disneyland, it takes all my stress away! I drove home myself with all the kids in one day. It wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be!