Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just A Dull Daily Update

This Pic is NOT from Today.
I did not take any pictures today. It's been a rough one and bedtime cannot come soon enough.
Ella has developed a little tummy bug and and woke up miserable this morning. She just lay in my bed watching me get ready for the day with glazed over eyes. It was quite sad. Later when she was talking to Grandma E over the phone she was trying to explain how she felt and started crying. She was feeling sickly AND discouraged. After throwing up pink pedialyte and a couple raisins on me, she fell asleep on the couch right during Ava's morning nap, which was a relief. Ava has learned to clap in the past couple days and wore herself out practicing.
I bought some darling new clippies for Ava last night--sparkly butterflies and flowers, and when Zar went to take the trash to the curb this morning he grabbed the plastic bag with the clips and tossed it in the trash. Strange because he has NEVER thrown anything out before without being asked. By the time I thought to ask him if he had thrown out the bag, the garbage truck had come and gone. Sigh.
Well Ava is asleep and Ella, who is feeling much better, is demanding "Mommy Bed" which means we will be reading various books for the next 45 minutes (current favorites: Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears and always, always Goodnight Moon) and then I will toss her in her crib and look forward to a day of work AWAY from home tomorrow, as every day, truly, is a work day. Am I right ladies? Of course I am.

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Lacey said...

I love your dull daily updates, they make me feel right at home. The sweetest thing was that Ella started crying talking about how she was feeling, so tender and sweet!