Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ella's Skin Reaction Test
The top hive is the control hive, number one is Peanut, and the rest are non-reactive spots tested for tree nuts, shellfish, egg, other stuff.

Got a call this morning that Ella's peanut allergy is actually LESS severe than it was last year according to her blood test! She had an appointment a couple weeks ago and her skin test was quite reactive, as you can see above, so we were thinking it had gotten worse which is the usual path. It's still considered "moderate" but there is hope it will continue to subside. Woo! The doctor saw Ava's name on the chart and asked if we needed to have her tested for peanut allegy, I said I wasn't concerned about her. That girl's system can handle anything. Last week she sat on my lap and ate bites of spicy chicken tikka masala. Loved it.
I've been feeling better. My extremely painful moments are not as severe or as often. We visited the cemetery on Sunday--a beautiful spring-y day, and went for a walk, looked for owls, and Ella smelled all the fake flowers we passed on graves. At our girl's headstone I said "oh I miss her" and Zar huffed "I miss them both." I explained that I do too, of course, but I am much more comfortable and at peace concerning Charlotte and her life. I hope I can get to that point with Lily in the next few years. I know what we went through with her was so, so mild comparitvely speaking, but some of the memories are somewhat traumatizing. Which I guess is true of Charlotte's life too, but time has softened the edges.
My daffodils are up and getting ready to bloom. Thank goodness for spring and the hope and sun it brings.


Anonymous said...

I, too, am grateful for Spring's promise of rebirth and healing.

A. Murdock

Tyler & Laura said...

Yay!! Hopefully the peanut allergy will maybe just go away all together :) And yay for daffodils! I keep stalking my flower beds, hoping to see my tulips come up. No dice :(

Renee said...

As a Mom of THREE peanut allergy kids, I feel your pain!! But. . good news, Two of the kids have actually pretty much grown out of their allergies!! There is hope!! Good luck. It is quite an adventure!
And I am so glad you are feeling better. Hope the sunnier days are helping. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Becky said...

Praying that everyday is a little less painful. xoxo

Lacey said...

Ugh, that looks super painful and itchy! When are you guys going to Disney? We are going this weekend, probably in the rain! Lovely!