Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy-ness and Christmas

I've been all for distractions lately. Luckily with the promise of spring, an upcoming Disneyland trip and a zipfizz I've had enough energy to go full speed all day and then crash into bed with little time to "think." As I think a lot of people know, that time in the dark waiting for sleep can be the hardest time. Difficult to stay busy when you are just waiting in the dark.
My latest distractions have been reading, Lily's headstone, planning Ava's first birthday party (she turns one on May 5th, yellow and pink theme, birthday banners, cupcake toppers, food that matches the color scheme...and tacos for cinco de mayo) organizing and getting rid of our overly massive number of baby girl clothes, thinking about preschool for Ella, and the Festival of Trees. Some of you may remember we did the Festival in 2009 with a butterfly theme which sold (yay!) for $3200, which went to Primary Children's Medical Center. They do this fund raiser every year, and people decorate an artificial tree, often in memory or honor of a child treated there, and donate it. The trees are all displayed for a few days in early December at the Expo Center, and people and corporations bid on them. It benefits PCMC which over the years has been a bit of a second home to us. It was a lot of work, but we had a lot of help, and it was a wonderful way to remember Boofus and a great kick off to the Holiday season...oh who I am kidding, I kick off the Holiday season in October.
Anyway, I didn't do it this past year, for obvious reasons, just too much going on. But this year I'm doing it. A friend and neighbor offered us a restored carousel horse for use with our tree, and I jumped at it. Pictured above. Yes it's in my basement, near the ancient box of diet coke, neon skis and Titanic poster. Wish I would've taken a pic before Zar took it down there. Anyway, it's cool. Two years ago I started buying pink and green ornaments for my planned theme for 2010, "Princess Pea" (another of Boof's many nicknames) so I have lots of of ornaments already that match the horse quite well. Last night online I discovered the Hallmark series of carousel animals they did a few years ago, and bought three of them. Kangaroo, tiger, and lion. So the theme has changed to Carousel Animals, with a big awesome Carousel Horse that will be sold with the tree. Obviously I will need a lot more animals, and a new artificial tree (missed the post Christmas sales, STUPID!) and ground covering, and screws and hot glue and garlands and tim tam or whatever that gold stuff is called. I'm pumped. If I can figure out how, I'm going to put a little donate button on my blog so if anyone wants to drop us a couple bucks in memory of Charlotte and Lily to the Festival of Trees/PCMC, that would be so kind. If anyone has any other ideas on how I might raise some monies, it would also be appreciated. I've thought about asking my company, do people do that? I'm going to try and spread the purchasing out all year as we are mostly self funded, and hope I can rein in my spending in other departments. (Costco, bane of my existence!!!)
So that's the latest. I'm proud of myself for DOING something and not just posting another "I'm sad, this is hard, I'm trying to have faith" post. It feels good to be busy, and when it's in honor of my girls, that's even better.


Cristina said...

You let us know what the tree needs and we'll donate. You could also start an amazon wishlist for the tree, and link to it from your site, so people could buy whatever items on the list strike their fancy. :) I think it's going to be an AWESOME tree! After all, it's got the 2 best angels. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you can set up an account with paypal and people can donate through that.


Team Carter Jay said...

Last year I asked Lowes to donate our tree, and they did!! You just need to go in around the time that they first come out and speak with the community director there. I am going to ask our store to donate our tree again this year.

Tara said...

I can help you with the donation button if you want. Do you have a paypal account already set up? If so, it's really easy. If not, go here and set one up!

LOVE the cinco de mayo bday party idea. Chloe's bday is also in May on the 9th and her colors will also be pink and yellow!

I just got home from dinner out with another friend whose daughter passed away and we were also chatting about fest of trees. It's such a special tradition and I'd love to help in any way I can. Keep your blog updated with details and I'll be happy to pick up supplies or just help with funds once you get your button.... anything at all, I'm at your service!

Oh, I just thought of something. I know a company that will possibly be able to match any funds you raise. They're called Modern Woodmen. They've helped a few times with the playground and also helped another friend with a baby legs project she does for the PICU. I'll email you the contact info. :)

Carleton & Robyn said...

Thank you for your blog. I read it often.

Julie said...

What a great idea!


Whit, Lindsey, Jonas, and Maggie said...

I've been thinking of doing a tree for Jonas since I read about your first one with Charlotte. It seems like a good way to remember him around the holidays. Is it a good idea to start thinking now?
Anyway, I'm so with you on keeping yourself busy! And here's to the upcoming spring and trips!! Wahoo!

Brittani Martin said...

We have an artifical tree that got a little bent up when we moved, but may be fixable. If you want to check it out, you would definately be welcome to it. It is pre-lit, but the lights are on cords that I think would come off. Otherwise, we'd be happy to donate!