Thursday, March 03, 2011

The R Word

DANG IT, I missed it! Meant to write something yesterday, and can't figure out how to repost this old post. But here it is. Still holds true, but I feel more strongly about it now than I did then.


Jenny said...

Oh, I've been wanting to talk to you for some time now, but never thought it was the "right" time. I have followed your blog on and off for awhile now. I immediately fell in love with your girls...and Ava reminds me so much of my little Callie! I love it. Anyway, I've now decided that it will never be the right I might as well just talk to you about this now...could you send me an email when you have time? Thanks.

~ Jenny

Tyler & Laura said...

I feel exactly the same!! The r-word is as offensive as any other curse word, but somehow people think that it's still acceptable to throw around. It's not. It's very hurtful. My 3-year-old son goes to a special education preschool because he is developmentally and speech delayed, and I just BURN when I hear people make remarks like, "Did you take the short bus to school when you were little?" or, "Those people are a little 'special-ed'". Hopefully one day everyone will maybe think before they speak :(