Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick Update:
We're Home! Hooray for having the experience that convinced the docs to let us discharge from the PICU instead of making us camp out on infant unit for a few days.

No other near death seizures. Some continuing probable seizure activity--lip smacking, small desats, eye flutters. Will follow up with neuro soon. For now just keeping her monitored 24 hours a day and watching for scary seizures.

So happy to be home with girls. Ella welcomed Lily home by burying her in socks. (?) Two year olds are cool.
Awesome Ava is teething and her coping technique is apparently to "sleep it off." She wakes up to gnaw on a cucumber and then goes back to sleep. I haven't even had time to dose her up with Tylenol. Works for me.
Zar gets home tonight and he was able to get an earlier flight! Hope to see him in an hour or so.
Having entered "survival mode" I'm perfectly happy to be home with my girls for awhile and let the Keppra reach it's full potential. We also missed Lily's synagis dose on friday so she isn't protected from RSV. Hoping we can get that dose quickly, although after her last dose she had two big seizures that night. Didn't know that's what it was at the time though. Arg.
Quarantine for now.


Sarah B said...

I have no idea how you manage 3 kids 2 and under! I'm relieved for you that Zar is coming home tonight :)

Lacey said...

Yeah for home! We always talk us into discharging from PICU too. Why go up to all those dirty kido's on the floor. Yucky!

Diana said...

I just re-found your blog (I'm the chick that met Bugg's Mom at Sam's Club) :) and spent more than an hour catching up with your newest addition. :) Yay for being home! Your daughters are beyond gorgeous as I'm sure you realize. :) But there really is a glow to your family that leaning on Divine Intervention brings, besides having a beautiful guardian angel, Charlotte. I wish I knew you well enough to come sit on your living room floor and soak it all in and snuggle a few gorgeous babies! ;) Sending you cyber hugs! Love, your cyber friend, Diana

April said...

Oh I'm so glad you're home ! You're continually in my prayers.
ps. Thank you for "winking with us! We love you! Love, April & Caleb