Monday, January 03, 2011


Ava was sealed to us in the Salt Lake Temple on Thursday.
The day before, Lily had two blue spells during the night, satting as low as 20, and then another one during the day. She pulled herself out of them but it seemed to take a little longer than the last time it happened. We considered going to the ER but we figured out nothing last time we did that, her lungs sounded clear and she had no other symptoms. Plus we would have to postpone the sealing. I said to Zar "if we cancel, when are we going to do it? When Lily's gone? There will never be an ideal time to do it." So we decided we would focus on Ava's special day and go up to the ER right after the sealing. Not exactly the "Family Wedding Day" I was envisioning. I had called Lily's cardiologist and left a message, and he called me Wednesday afternoon and after a discussion said he would call neurology for us to check for seizures. Neurology called 10 minutes later and asked us to come in the very next morning. Great. I said any other time, ANY OTHER TIME I would make it work but I really could not cancel my plans the next morning. I could tell he was annoyed with me, which I understand. They were bending over backwards for us. He said he would try to get us within a couple weeks.
It snowed like crazy Thursday morning, and of course I thought it would be good to schedule us at 9:40, meaning we had to be at the temple at 8:25. Fun. Luckily Lily had no other episodes and we got it approved for Grandma to be with her at all times before the ceremony for everyone's comfort. She also helped dress the girls in the gorgeous white dresses she had made for them. I guess Ella threw a huge fit over it (she's not a dress fan--she likes PANTS! PANTS!! WAAAAH!) so I'm glad Grandma was there and just not a soft spoken Temple Old Lady.
My mom had been misdirected once she arrived so for the next hour I had to keep hearing "where's your mom? She's not here! Does she know where to go? Did she forget?" I'm like "You know what...I can't really deal with this so I'm going to let it go." Turns out she was ready and waiting for us the whole time. I got to get dressed in the Bride's room with a bunch of lovely little Winter Brides and all their finery and fur shawls and such. They were all so nervous and cute. I'm sure they saw me putting on my cardigan and thought I was quite an old and unfortunate bride.
The ceremony was lovely, the girls all behaved and acted charmingly, and it was simple and sweet. It didn't matter that we had endured tons of stress over the last 24 hours. What was important was we were there with our daughters--all of them--and after all the stress of life, we will be together again.
Afterwards everyone was suggesting we grab some lunch, and we had to admit that Lily was having issues and that we were going to head for the hospital. That went over well. Once out to the car I picked up a message from Neurology saying if we could get there as close to 11 am as possible we could be seen. It was 10:53. We rushed up the hill and checked in at 11:07. Lily was examined and underwent an EEG, but it didn't show any seizure activity. There is still a fairly good chance that is what is going on, but we can't prove it at this point. We turned up her oxygen and will see what happens over the next couple weeks and call the doctor back.
We got to have a couple calm days and blessed Ava yesterday at church. It was wonderful and Ava's birth mom was there, which was so, so amazing and special. I cried when I saw her there. Zar did a wonderful job, blessing Ava that she would feel connections to both the family she has come to and to her rich heritage, and of course he put in my request--that she will be "noted for her virtue" which I feel is important. Hey...I remember high school.
I'm glad for the New Year. I'm looking forward to some quiet days and short, uneventful blog posts.


ParkerMama said...

Congrats! I was sealed to my parents in the Swiss Temple. Such an amazing experience.

Tammy and Parker

Allison said...
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Allison said...

Loved that last couple posts and loved being their for Ava's sealing and hanging out with you guys. Wish we could have stayed for the blessing. High school...ha. Love you

Lacey said...

so wonderful. i love your little family in white.

Anonymous said...

What a very special day and wonderful photograph to record it.

TMI Tara said...

That is just so exciting! Other people talk about forever and theorize about having ALL your children together even when you can't see them. But it must have been so special for you to really truly understand it and be so sincerely grateful for the eternal, familial bond you now share with ALL your children. It is just SO special and heart-warming.

I'm sorry to hear about Lily's blue spells. I hope they are able to figure something out soon. In the meantime, I'll be sending my thoughts and prayers your way!

TMI Tara said...

Oh p.s. My one requestwas for Oby to bless Chloe with virtue and confidence..... Hey, we know what's important! ;)

Becky said...

I LOVE this picture and I have been so excited to hear about your day. Sorry it wasn't uneventful but you got the most important part done. I'm THRILLED from the top of my head way down to my toes for you. I can't wait for it to be my turn someday. Congrats on your forever family Erin!!!

jrhw said...

Sunday was wonderful, so thankful to live in your ward.

April said...

Oh I am just thrilled for your forever family- on earth and in heaven.