Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Day of Rest

Random Pic of Ava and Popsicle because I don't feel like downloading hospital pictures.

We had a quiet day today. Zar stayed at the hospital last night and for some reason came home at 7 am...and then took the Sunday paper into the bathroom and clipped coupons for an hour. That's neither here nor there but shows our rather random thought processes at the moment.

The girls went to Grandma E's and went to church with them, terrorizing their ward, apparently, and Zar and I went up to be with Lily. It was one of those nice low key ICU days; discussing books with the nurse, reading, and nothing going on with Lily except the removal of the EEG probes, some horrific diapers and the weaning and removal of the c-pap and back on high flow oxygen. Oh, and a move to the "Old School" Picu section, a room Charlotte had a few times, but a good room with it's own bathroom, so we will tolerate it.
No seizures since the medication was started last night. She threw a couple of major fits today, flailing and screaming, which I guess could be a side effect of the medication. However it could also be a side effect of having air forced up your nose at high speeds, the occasional sinus bath when water from the c pap overflowed in her face, her sore bum, gas, diarrhea, having an IV or lack of any food since Friday morning. So I'm not going to worry about it yet.
Zar went back up to spend the night with her again. Hopefully by the time he arrives they will have started her on feeds, and they will have a quiet and peaceful night. We had decided if Lily had a good today and tonight we would consider it safe for Zar to go on his business trip tomorrow. Yikes. I feel like Lily will be just fine, but it is sure going to complicate my life for the next three days! Send us prayers that Lily will be good, calm, and uncomplicated. And the other kids too. ;)


Monica said...

Ava is getting so big! And that gorgeous hair, wow!

My prayers are with Lily and your family. I love/hate the PICU.

katherine said...

always praying and thinking of you!! be well Lily, and the rest of the family!!

Kathy said...

As a Relief Society we want you to know you are so brave. We are praying and thinking about you all. If there is something we can do, please call one of us. Kathy Irwin 801-201-5069 of the presidency.

Anonymous said...

Keepa plugging along! You are the greatest and doing a wonderful job with the ups and downs of the situation. There is nothing more important! Well, Zar's work is right up there, of course.

We love you,
Carolyn and all Zar's relatives from Battle Ground, Washington.