Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hazzah! I'm Online!

Teaching sister about "nose"

Mom and her Baby

Ella and her Baby

Hooray! I'm thrilled to be back online at home. As it has taken me all of Ella's nap to connect and install and transfer, I will be done for today.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hi there. Reminder: I have no computer. So here is another brief update from my mom's laptop while watching The Bachelorette, The Men Tell All.

Above is a picture of me with my black eye, now healed, which Ella gave me one Sunday night. I endured a couple weeks of stares, stranger's discomfort, and our doctor asking me quietly if I "felt safe" at home.
I had my ultrasound and Lily is looking quite healthy, considering. She doesn't have any signs of trigoncephaly which was Charlotte's pointed forehead which required HUGE surgery at 8 months. Her heart looks good, her brain looks good, her hands and feet look good, so at this point we are planning on her coming home and staying with us for awhile. I wasn't nervous for this ultrasound but now I'm quite nervous for my next one for fear she will suddenly look worse or develop huge problems. I'm suddenly quite big as well.
The twins came home and promptly moved to Colorado. :(
Ava is HUGE at nearly 11 lbs and is just a delightful, beautiful baby. If I ever get a new computer I will post pictures that do her justice. Ella too, of course.
I am picking up another day at work until the baby comes to help with medical bills and because one of our nurses is leaving. So that should be exhausting. Thank goodness for spinach smoothies.
Until next time...

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Seriously? Well my parent's laptop posts cell phone pics downloaded from facebook as tiny little thumbnails apparently.
My blogging will be fewer and far-er between until we get a new laptop, thanks to Calvin the Burglar. That's what we call him as we got multiple calls to my replacement cell phone asking for Calvin. NO, THIS IS NO LONGER YOUR DRUG HOOK UP. STOP CALLING! Sheesh.
Stay tuned, however; my next ultrasound is next week on Tuesday, so there will be much to see about whether she is developing hydrops or has other obvious problems at this point. She is very active, I will say that. Also my new twin nieces are most likely coming home from the NICU this weekend, so that will be a huge adventure, especially for their (first-time) parents.
My girls are excellent, other than a summer cold they both got this week. Of course someone sent me an email about Pertussis yesterday and I freaked out and took Ava into the pediatrician. Once there she stopped coughing, gagging, sneezing and sniffling and just lay there all calm and placid and even managed to make her lungs sound as clear as day. The doctor clearly thought I was an idiot, (he wasn't our regular doc) and I almost had to pull out my "I lost a child to a respiratory illness" card, but I didn't. I just let him internally mock me.
Other than that the most exciting thing in my life is I have increased my daily vegetable and fruit intake from approximately 0 to much more, I'd say often 5 or more. This is thanks to Montel Williams and his infomercial which featured chubby children drinking smoothies make primarily of spinach. I figured this was a giant scam, and pulled out my Vita-Mix, bought at the fair circa 1999 or so. Turns out a bunch of spinach, mixed with half a banana, half a peach, maybe some grapes or blueberries, tangerines, or whatever else is laying around, really is quite edible, and even Ella asks for it (waving her little finger around her chin) and downs it daily, as shown in the thumbnails above. It's such an awesome blender I don't even need to add any juice or anything, just some ice and it makes a lovely thick green creation which makes me feel quite virtuous. After trying it I thought "Well, after I'm done with this pregnancy I will get really into this." And then I figured "Why not now?" So Congrats to me, and finally being able to eat spinach, 25 years after I vomited it onto my mom's rug after being forced to eat it.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


So, creepy story.
Just to make it somewhat funny, I will tell you I bought a brand new Panasonic Lumix Camera at Costco yesterday, as a birthday gift for Charlotte...that was my justification anyway. My old camera was blurry and lousy and I was never thrilled with the Olympus brand and their stupid different-than-everyone-else's memory cards. And I figured I needed a decent camera for my new baby and baby to come, and that I would spend a little more money this time and actually take care of it and not just toss it unprotected in my purse and let Ella carry it about and throw it down the stairs.
I used my new camera to take pictures of old prints from Charlotte's birth which I posted on my last post, which as you can see worked pretty well. I took a few beautiful pics of Charlotte's balloon release last night and of Charlotte's decorated birthday headstone. Sigh. I was so impressed with the pictures I took the camera out last night, scrolled through the pictures and then lovingly placed the camera in it's case and on the kitchen counter.
I should also mention that I had not quite told Zar yet about my new purchase, and had actually, when he noticed the new camera, told him it was my mother's. I know, I know, but it was just not the time or place for a big old discussion on spending habits. I was gonna tell him today.
So we slept in this morning until almost 8, and then I carried my two girls downstairs and started fixing Ella her protein pancake, milk and blueberry breakfast. And I noticed that my OLD camera charger was unplugged from the wall and placed on the counter. I froze. Zar had figured out that there were now TWO chargers in the wall, making it unlikely I was using my mom's camera. And unfortunately I had lied about the whole that's not great...
I also noticed my purse and wallet were on the floor and I wondered if he had been searching for a receipt. And then I noticed that the back sliding door was open, which was very strange, as Zar never opens that door and locks all the doors before coming to bed. And then, of course, I noticed that the Wii was gone. And the computer. And my phone.
So I screamed for Zar who was upstairs getting ready for work, and he rushed down and verified that his work computer was also gone, which comes home with him every night since the robbery at his office a few months ago.
And I said "And my camera is gone too!" and he said "Your camera or your moms?" and I said..."uh...both...."
And then I said "okay they were both my cameras."
And he was very nice about it. I think he was a little distracted.
So sometime between the time Zar fed Ava downstairs at 3 am, and a phone call was made from my stolen phone at 6:30 am, someone came into our backyard, opened our back door (which was not locked) came in and stole our stuff. Which is pretty dang scary. The police came and were very nice and not too encouraging, no shock there. No one else on our street was hit. And I figure it was someone who was able to scope out the place, look in our windows, see we had no dog, see we were a small and nonthreatening people, see I opened the back door for Ella all day every day, and decided to come in and gently and quietly take our stuff. I am grateful they didn't take my credit cards. I am grateful they carefully placed my dumb little figurines and stuff from the mantle onto the floor to remove the Wii. I am grateful I didn't wake up and hear them, or go downstairs to make a bottle with them here, because then I think I would be way more freaked out and messed up than I am now, if not physically, at least emotionally. So with new locks and motivation to use them, I think I will be fine.