Thursday, December 23, 2010


It's Final!

60 Floors up!

Another quick and crazy trip to Vegas for Zar and his dad to go to the Bowl game. We won't focus on that, however.
As a Christmas Surprise in-laws got us rooms on the top floor of the Wynn. AWESOME. Plus it rained like crazy the entire time so we (as in the girls and I) spent very little time outside of the room. A brief venture out for some shopping and a bowl of noodles was enough. We just got in our jammies, turned on the TV and sat up in the cozy clouds for one day and two nights.
Ella took four baths in 24 hours, delighted with the TV that showed cartoons in the bathroom. We finally got the call verifying that Ava's adoption is final, which filled me with joy even though I already was considering it done. It was Lily's first trip and she did great. We took way too many oxygen tanks and had a detour in St. George on the way home when her oximeter probe stopped picking up for a replacement (LOVING IHC Homecare) but other than that it was all surprisingly easy, probably due to the fact that this isn't our first rodeo.
After a long ride home we are ready to jump right into Christmas mode and make the most of Ava's and Lily's first Christmas!


Shannon said...

Woohoo! I am so glad that you guys had a great time! Merry Christmas! We love you!

TMI Tara said...

What a special gift! Too bad about the game, but let's not focus on that. Let's focus on how much I love that pic of you and Ava!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend!
See you on Christmas night!


Anonymous said...

Dear Erin. Thanks for the lovely family Christmas in Vegas to brighten this crazy Christmas season.
Aunt LeJeune in sunny Arizona.

Lacey said...

60 floors up would have had me with all the windows closed! I am so afraid of heights! Merry Christmas!