Friday, December 17, 2010

Impressive because there aren't piles and piles of toys, blocks, chewed up grapes and sippy cups surrounding Ava. Not so impressive because Ella is down for a nap.

Little Fatty Face.
Don't feel bad for her. Aunt Alex gives insulting nicknames to everyone...

...Smella and the best kid kitty ever.

Isn't that the cutest banana ever? Ella enjoyed eating it like a monkey, continuing her ever progressing Monkey Research.

Hilarious--I noticed our little nativity was missing Baby Jesus who had been replaced by this peanut ornament. Two year olds are awesome. Baby Jesus mysteriously returned this morning with tomato sauce on his blankie. Hmmm.
Home detoxing from all the stress and chocolate of the last few days. I ate like CRAZY yesterday, including a few plates of Christmas goodies that were meant to go out to neighbors. Sorry neighbors. Last night while eating pizza and hershey's kisses on the couch I decided to stay home today, catch up on laundry, cleaning, and other chores and consume nothing but water, spinach smoothies and a pomegranate. Add a bag of microwave popcorn to that list and I'm doing alright. Dinner doesn't count though. We are having Ultra Mormon Night and having Hawaiian Haystacks.
I am coming to terms with the fact that Christmas is next week. I didn't do cards this year, which is kind of a crime as we have two new babies. I am going to try and get a Valentines Day card out. No promises though. Lily may be having open heart surgery that month. Well back to the Baby Zoo.


NorahS said...

I'd say you've done your share of Christmas-carding for 2010. You've worked very hard to give us an almost daily update on your family this year rather than just an annual Christmas card and I am extremely grateful for that. What a beautiful story of love and amazing hope and survival stories you have now written down for posterity. I've loved every minute of reading it. Love, Sharon Yancey

Anonymous said...

Amen to that! The frequent posts have been all anyone could ask for and are greatly appreciated.

Love, Carolyn H.