Monday, November 01, 2010

Week 3 Begins

Was this really just over two weeks ago?

Kitty has had enough.


Lily Pie is finally being fed again through the thick white tube in her nose. It goes all the way down into her intestines so she can't reflux or aspirate. We moved her back down to low flow oxygen today as well. She was doing well until she fell asleep and got lazy--hopefully we won't have to put her back on high flow. One of her test results isn't back yet so no surgery set at this point.
Oh, and the forehead IV is out! What a dear little hairline. The orange oral tube was also removed while I was there today--it was just in to vent her tummy due to the high flow O2. It will have to go back in if she can't maintain on low flow. Let's hope for an uneventful night.


Becky said...

Time flies, huh? And I'm LAUGHING hysterically at PLANK. So stinking funny!!!! :) Praying that Lily can go home SOON. You know she'll thrive so much better in your loving arms. xo

Bugg's mama said...

Erin, you had a baby!!!!! (sorry, I've been out of the blogging loop)

Congratulations on your Lily! She is so cute and big! Prayers and hugs!

Love, Bree