Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Happenings

Sampling Rosie's binky
Best Seat in the House

Finally home with Jaydon
Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful. We were most grateful that the whole family could be together, including our littlest Lily. Charlotte was definitely with us in spirit and we are so thankful to have her pulling for us on the other side.
We celebrated on Thanksgiving with Zar's family and with mine on Friday when my dad could be home. Buttery potatoes were much enjoyed...twice. Zar was able to take Ella to Tangled on Thursday with her cousins--her first theatre movie, and she did quite well, except she wanted to stand on her chair and scream "DADDY! FROG! YIBBIT!" throughout the whole movie. And I hear it is a chameleon, not a frog. I got up to venture out to Kohls at 3 am, wandered around for an hour, found some boots and a "Elmo Loves the Potty" type book I wanted, took one look at the line, dropped my stuff and walked out. Found nada at Macy's and a couple sweaters (for me) at JP Penney, which I got without waiting in line by buying a nail polish at the salon. Thank goodness it wasn't a total bust, but pretty close. On Friday Zar and I were both able to go see Harry Potter which was awesome. Movies are so much more impressive to me now that they are a rare treat and not a throwaway weekend activity. See? Parenthood rocks.
On Friday night Ava and I were able to sneak away and see some old high school pals I hadn't seen in quite awhile. How funny to be 30 and it's like nothing has changed, although in this particular group I realized I was the only one with a kid...or four. Good ole Utah me.
This morning we posed for family portraits which was much less painful than anticipated, although I have not seen the results yet. Ava cooperated wonderfully, Ella was quite solemn, and Lily snoozed throughout. And of course then the U game which was quite stressful to watch...

but came out right in the end. (go utes!)


TMI Tara said...

I was going to comment on many things and then I saw Ava's pj's in those last pictures and that's all I can recall to say. Cheers to a wonderful holiday HOME with your family, even Charlotte in her own special way. xo

Anonymous said...

What a precious photo of those Hayes cousins! You had a busy, busy weekend.

xoxoCarolyn H.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I love the picture of all the cousins! How beautiful. :)