Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Number of Consecutive Hospital Free Days:


Previous Record: 8.

Lily visited the ER for the first time today. We were only there for about four hours so in the long run it will likely barely register on the Hospital stay radar, but it was our first trip back after NICU discharge, and therefore warrants a picture.
Last night at 2:30 am Lily's oxygen saturation monitor went off. This usually happens once or twice a night if she dips below 90 while having a very restful dream or a really big poop. So at first I didn't even sit up in bed. But it continued to beep past the usual once or twice so I wearily sat up and squinted at it from across the room.
Well that can't be right, it must say 90. Then why is it beeping?
So I got up and went closer to squint at it--yep, 40. Or 35. So I turned on the light. Lily had her eyes open and looked gray, and seemed to be staring right through me. My first reaction was to do what every good nurse does--I smacked her. That did nothing so I called downstairs to Zar who had fallen asleep watching TV again, and said "Something's happening! Turn up her oxygen!" He came running up and together we sat and held Lily and watched the monitor. It dropped down to the low 20's but her heart rate didn't drop below 110. Then her sats gradually came back up. Well having traveled this road before we did not immediately call 911. We didn't turn on every light in the house and rip the kids from their beds and rush to the hospital. We changed her diaper. We said a prayer, we wrapped her up and held her. She seemed totally fine. She looked at us like "What now? Isn't it 2:30 am?" and closed her eyes. So after a few minutes we put her back to bed.
This morning the day started as usual with Ella yelling "MOM! C'MERE!" from her crib. We got downstairs after multiple trips up and down for monitors, pumps, cell phones, kids. All three girls were covered with snot so I did the morning saline snuffing, (much screaming and writhing) and changed diapers, and offered Ella every breakfast choice under the sun from eggys to nutrigrain bar, all of which were scoffed at. Ella collapsed into a puddle of fury, Ava wedged herself between the coffee table and a baby seat and Lily sat quietly in her chair waiting for her morning caffeine. So pretty typical.
At 10:30 I checked on Lily who was sleeping and satting at 97. Ava was asleep in her crib for morning nap. Ella was laying on the couch watching Elmo, having only eaten chocolate milk for breakfast. And so I went to do some dishes.
The monitor went off, which had happened once before this morning and had been remedied by a saline snuff. So I waited for two beeps and then went in to check. Lily was, again, at 40. Well I squeezed her cheeks and yelled her name, and watched her continue to drop to the 20s and turn blue. Then she slowly started coming back up. I grabbed my phone and called Zar, who asked if I thought we should go to the hospital. I said I didn't know. He said "Well, I think we should."
So that's how today ended up to be a Hospital Day. Ella and Ava went to grandmas and I loaded up Lily and her equipment, catching the physical therapist as she arrived to tell her we would have to reschedule. Today was supposed to be Lily's first Therapy Day.
Although I'm feeling long winded, it will suffice to say we had blood drawn, and sputum suctioned, and urine collected and tested, a chest x-ray, and thorough listening to, and everything looked fine. Good, in fact. Her heart looks better on x-ray, her lungs are clear but for a little snot, her blood gas and electrolytes were normal (for her) and we will get final testing for infection back tomorrow. They offered to admit us for observation, but we elected to go home. I figure she's got a cold and this is her delightful way of reacting to it. Charlotte, also a punk, was known to react this way to a little snot now and again. Just never twice in 24 hours. Or 3 times, if you count yesterday when she looked blue while I was putting her in the car and and after a cheek pinch decided it was just the low light.
And so now I'm at home, hardly believing it's already 4:30, watching a baby in a car seat and a monitor reading 100, and feeling somewhat grateful that all 3 girls seem quite exhausted from this bug and are sleeping in warm sweaty bundles. And I'm grateful for the knowledge that someone else is looking out for Lily and knows what's best for her, even if I don't understand, or even disagree.


Susan said...

OH my goodness! Just another day in the life of two extremely competent, capable, loving, devoted parents! God bless. . .

Anonymous said...

You and Zar are amazing! And all those little girls so precious.


Allison said...

Lily! No more hospital trips! I loved the details of your morning routine (Ella is a puddle of fury, Ava wedged under the coffee table, tons of snuffing and diaper changes). Mommy morning. Love you.

AussieJenn said...

Your experience left for calm parents, the very best for precious Lily and her sisters. Much better for you two as well. I'm glad she is back home and hope she stops giving you scares.
In my thoughts

{ Bethany } said...

Ugh, not a good morning, but then again...I guess you kinda get used to it. The pictures of Ava and Ella on the red chair are so cute. Their hair is adorable. And I love the cousins picture! So sweet.

I bet your family pics turned out fantastic, though I don't envy having to be made up so soon after giving birth! I'm glad you guys are just able to hang out all snuggly warm this winter, instead of dealing with the heat of summer!