Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Little Things

No new pics today. Maybe I shouldn't post this one...oh well.
Here is proof that God is watching out for my sanity. I meant to go to the store yesterday but Lily's surgery took longer than expected. I meant to go today but had such a short time with Lily I didn't want to cut it shorter, or drag Ella and Ava out in the snow. I didn't need much--a weird random list including chocolate syrup, (how I get milk into Ella), bananas, (for spinach smoothies) garbage bags and deodorant. So nothing vital. I got home and took out the stinky trash and realized I was OUT of garbage bags so I started searching for a "PATIENT BELONGINGS" bag to use. Then I got distracted and went to get the mail. And there, was a free sample including (1) Glad tall kitchen trash bag with febreeze and a sample stick of Dove deodorant and a dollar off coupon for both. Thank goodness for the little things that keep us from going over the edge.

Things have been going smoothly and happily for the last 24 hours. Lily is healing well and coming of the vent maybe tonight, we joined "Hope Kids," whose members I have always been somewhat jealous of, my birthday Kindle finally arrived and was registered to Zar's credit card so I promptly bought a couple books on his dime, and we just got a buyer for the Subaru. I like to think that things are going our way and in another week or two Lily will be ready to come home to her sweet little cradle by the side of our bed. I really want her home. For the first while I was afraid of her coming home with all the equipment and care she will require, but I feel ready and rested and want her here. It's hard to think of my 3 week old baby who has spent a mere few hours in my arms. How glad I am to have two other sweet girls to squeeze when I get home. Send prayers for Lily's heart and lungs to do well so we can come home on a small to moderate amount of oxygen. None of this high flow business.


Terry Family said...

Hope Kids is absolutely amazing!!!! You will love it, I know we do!

Lacey said...

Welcome to our Hope kids family! Praying for extubation quickly!

Lacey said...

what a miracle! prayers are coming lily's way!

Anonymous said...

You are definitely experiencing tender mercies! Have a great week.


TMI Tara said...

I actually got chills because of what you found in your mailbox. You deserved that little miracle!

I'm so glad Lily has been recovering well and I continue to pray for her quick journey home.