Sunday, November 21, 2010

HOME...5 weeks old.

What now?
My sisters can't reach me here.
And here we Go!
We are home. I'm not going to write much as i'm holding a dear little bundle in my arm and typing via "hunt and peck." It feels so good--and surreal--to be home. It felt strange to watch another giant tank of oxygen come through our door, to set up another IV pole and push buttons on a kangaroo pump. Thank goodness for the calm and confidence experience brings.
...okay...there have been moments of hysterics. (Lily is now laying across my lap.) The doctors dawdled their way through discharge as always and our early morning departure took until 1 pm. The oxygen delivery guy claimed over the phone we didn't exist. The first feeding set I loaded wouldn't prime and I threw a box of gauze on the floor in frustration. The battery on said pump lasts just long enough to drive to grandmas. Our oximeter is touchy and on the small tank Lily requires 1/16 liter oxygen, on the big tank--1/4th. Already the medication port on the G-tube has popped open and soaked Lily and her car seat. Both Ella and Ava are extremely attracted to tubing and wires...yay. Plus my rule that only one child is allowed to cry at one time was completely ignored. I could feel Charlotte looking down on us and laughing her head off. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a role in the medication port fiasco--that was common trick of hers. So here we go on our newest adventure. Welcome to your earthly home Lily Pie.


kristen said...

YIPPEE!!!! You look so happy and beautiful Erin!!! I am excited for all of you.....just in time for Thanksgiving....welcome home Lily!

{ Bethany } said...

I haven't thought about priming pumps and batteries on pumps in a long time...I think my brain has forgotten how to do all that already.

Well, I am SO HAPPY she is home. So grateful you got your wish granted!!! It must be crazy over there, but I'd love to be there in person. I hope you guys get settled into your new/old routine soon. *HUG*


TMI Tara said...

What fantastic news! This made me smile from ear to ear. I can't imagine how thrilled you feel. I'm sure you will iron out all the details soon enough and jump into a nice routine. I'm SO glad she gets to be home for the holidays and thrive in a loving family and learn and grow and experience all the joy you all will bring to her. Oh I'm just SO excited!!!!! xoxo

Julie said...


You just radiate. What a beautiful mother you are!!!! So happy you are all home together!


AussieJenn said...

How wonderful to have your youngest daughter home with you. Yes, onto the newest adventure for your family.... let's hope more of the good stuff and less of the other.
Best wishes

Cristina said...

Yay!!! You look beautiful together! I am so happy that Lily will be home for the holidays! That is something we are all thankful for! Can't wait for Bertrand to meet her (& your other girls). :)

Jen I said...

Wow! Best of luck. I bet there have been a lot of times in your life you realize what a blessing being a nurse has been for you. I would be terrified!

Anonymous said...

Home for the holidays! What could be better? Good luck on that rule! Maybe they'll gradually catch on that if you are busy with one, especially Lily, there is just no point to crying, and they will go off and entertain themselves. Is that just wishful thinking?

They are such lucky, lucky girls to have such capable loving parents!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Oh man ... LOL .... all the medical mishaps that become second nature will surely be just that soon. I agree with you, I am sure Charlotte is watching and giggling. :)

Welcome home!!!