Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Big Update

On Wednesday, Lily's One Month Birthday, we got wonderful news. The docs said we could go home--as soon as the weekend! This of course touched off a frenzy of activity to get ready. Mostly it involved getting hooked up with home care and getting various giant boxes delivered to the hospital for us to cart home containing feeding sets, a feeding pump, an IV pole, various swabs and gauze, creams, ointments, tender grips, tubing, an oximeter and a tank. I had to be taught to use all this equipment and generally I don't tell these people I have done this before, and just let them teach me, but then I look very natural and genius like when I demonstrate what I have learned. I also had to go to a 2 hour class on caring for a G-tube. I thought a quick overview would be good, especially since some of the practices have changed somewhat since Charlotte's was placed, but turns out it was unnecessary but required for discharge. I spent the whole thing feeling concerned for the other parents who were scared and clearly didn't really GET it. The teacher was going over pill crushing for example. Fairly basic. I guess you learn by doing. My advice to them was to always check the medication port before doing a bolus feeding. They will learn that one soon enough. I for one LOVE a G-tube and wish all kids had them. I hope Lily's will be as problem free as Charlotte's.
Anyway I also had to buy a car seat for Lily as Ava isn't ready to leave her infant seat, and she needs to do a car seat test to make sure she breaths while in it. I also finally became a mom and last night we picked up our "new" van from it's previous owner, my Sister-in-law. It really is a thing of beauty. It's a 2007 Kia Sedona with automatic doors and leather seats and lots of room and I drove it home last night and adored it. The only issue is the giant "COOKIE CUTTERS HAIRCUTS FOR KIDS" decal across the back window so Zar has his work cut out for him today scraping that off. Turns out my sister-in-law hated it too.
The only thing left is for Zar and I to get taught in infant CPR (again, good to refresh, and REQUIRED) watch the terrible shaken baby video and another video I believe, and as long as Lily stays the course and keeps doing great, we can come home on Sunday!! I am being pressured to "room in" tonight and spend the night in the "family room" with Lily and prove I know how to monitor her and work her pumps and keep her oxygen on. At first I said I would do it, but I think today I will pull out the big guns, reminded them that I have done all this before, and oh yeah, did I not mention I'm an RN? I've kept that one a secret too. We will room in on Sunday night when I can spend my sleep hours in my own cozy king sized bed and not on the pull out plastic couch. Thanks.
I am so excited and happy for Lily to come home. I am ready. I know it's going to be crazy and I have my hands full, as everyone likes to remind me, but how wonderful to not have to trek up to the hospital every day and leave my other kids. And how wonderful to finally get Lily to myself and get to dress her in all her cute clothes and get that hospital smell off of her and work out our new routine. I can't wait to do her daily therapies and stretch out her little hands and work on modified tummy time. I can't wait to watch her grow and get to know her and see what she can do. I can't wait to let her sisters get to know her and learn to keep her safe from their curious little fingers and teach Ella that really, we DON'T SIT on the baby. Thank goodness my Ava is so incredibly strong and is pretty much an even match for Ella already, at 6 months. How I love those girls.
Thank you so much to everyone who sent out a good thought or prayer regarding Lily's oxygen needs. In a matter of days she dropped from 3 liters high flow to 0.10 liters low flow. It really was incredible. Not only that, but WITHOUT oxygen she saturates just fine, the oxygen is just there to help keep her vessels dilated.
Just one more quiet night without the beeps and clicks, but the nice thing about continuous feedings is I will get up once to dump in another bottle of milk and that's about it. Oh yeah and the pumping. Grrr.
So here we go again. I keep thinking of last year when Zar and I went and spent the night at the Romeo and Juliet suite at the Anniversary Inn the night before Thanksgiving. We talked a lot that night and I said "Our goal is to have another baby--somehow--by Thanksgiving next year." And here we are with two new babies and their wonderful big sister. I have so much to be thankful for. We are richly, richly blessed.

PS. Another reason I have put off blogging the past few days is I downloaded a bunch of hours of video onto the computer and now it's running very slowly. I am hoping there is a place online I can store them? Anyone have any hints? This is also why this post has no photo, as it's just taking too long to load. I have to get this figured out before Cyber Monday.


Niki said...

Horray! I can't wait to meet Lily.
Thanks for being such an incredible person, E.
Tube is scheduled. We need to talk ;)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful Thanksgiving news! I suspected you were up to your ears in busyness, with such incredible results.

We love you all!

Carolyn H.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

This is fantastic Thanksgiving news!! :) I love that you guys will be home, under one room, as a family. I got goosebumps reading about how you said last Thanksgiving that you wanted to have a baby by this Thanksgiving ... and now you have two new precious miracles!

kj said...

Oh happy day!

Anonymous said...

Erin: I'm a friend of Kathryn. You can store your photos on a free site. It's really great because you can add music and have slide shows on your blog plus they will archive all your photos for free. Love you,
Leslie Teerlink

connie said...

You are richly blessed. I love that you know that. I would do it happily all over again. :) May God continue to bless you for years and years.

{ Bethany } said...

Online File Folder can store your media online, that's what we use. Its run by

Your daughters are so precious...I am excited you get to take her home! I can't wait to see a group pic of them! :)


April said...

What a wonderful blessing! I'm so glad she's homeward bound!!

Kate Park said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving present for you all! Thanks for keeping us updated. Sending love.

Anonymous said...

This Thanksgiving I'm grateful for YOU Erin and Heavenly Father could not have chosen a better home for Sweet Charlotte, Enchanting Ella, Adorable Ava OR Lovable Lily. God speed to you all.

AussieJenn said...

My goodness! So much to do, but for a wonderful reason. I hope all goes smoothly with bringing Lily home. Best wishes to you all.