Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Visiting Hours

It gets a little crazy around here when ALL the baby girls show up. And Lily is still down in the NICU. The twins Evie and Rosemary are almost four months, Ava is 5 and a half months, and Ella just turned 2. Ella is punishing Zar and I a bit for being gone, and showing a lot of love and affection to grandma and aunts while spurning us. And then she used my tummy as a launching pad last night which almost killed me. I was writhing and gasping and bawling and screaming at Zar to check my incision as I was sure it had ripped open. It hadn't. Unfortunately that's the last I saw Ella. Something tells me I will continue to be punished.
We had a happy morning with Lily. I got to change her diaper and she pooped all over my hand. It was impressive. She drank more milk from a bottle and is on 50 ccs of oxygen which is a very small amount. We talked to the doctor who seemed confident that her PDA would close on it's own and that the biggest worry about it was how it affects her eating. Thus far she's doing well on that front and we are not opposed to feeding tubes after having such success with Charlotte's G-tube. After hearing that the doc wants to put us on a list of parents to call to comfort and educate new Feeding Tube parents. We sure fought the tube with Charlotte but it was a huge blessing. At this point Lily has an NG tube down (a tube from her nose into her tummy) to feed her through if she tires out, as it is a lot of work to eat and have holes in your heart and be on oxygen. I'm certainly not opposed to her getting some extra nutrition.
She is also moving into the step down area of the NICU! Strong work Lily Liz!


MFA Mama said...

Yaaaay, Lily! I fought the g-tube with my youngest (who is not chromosomally-enhanced in a trisomy kind of way but has another, less serious, genetic syndrome) and man, after we went ahead and got it? Yeah, I'm kind of pro-tube now :) I think it's a wise choice given how Lily is doing; no sense in letting her fall behind on nutrition when that's such an easy fix especially when she's doing so well otherwise! I'm so, so glad she's holding her own and OWWW sorry to hear about what happened with Ella. Meanwhile holy cow, Ava is so beautiful it's ridiculous--I love her hair!

Becky said...

HOORAY! Cheers from NH! :)

TMI Tara said...

Lily Liz.... that is so cute :)

I'm SO glad she's stepped-down in the NICU and stepping up in other areas. I'm cheering her on and check to see if you've updated about a gazillion times a day because I'm so anxious to see how she's doing.

Enjoy your company!

Niki said...

YEAH for Lily Elizabeth! We are cheering you on!

Hope today is better pain-wise for you; gotta love our kiddos ;) I'm with Tara, I check a gazillion times a day for updates and those cute pics. You are both warriors!

Susan said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations to all. xoxox

Katie said...

I've been thinking and praying for your guys multiple times a day. How great is that picture of Ava grabbing one of the twins' ear? LOVE her.
Love you,