Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Just Being Gorgeous on the Grass

Ella watches General Conference.
(or might have been Elmo...)

Well I did it. I rescheduled my c-section for Sunday the 17th, and I'm still the first case of the day at 0730. I am pleased. For some reason that feels so much closer and more doable. I am verrry slowly packing my bag...pulling out a pair of socks here and a giant pair of underwear there and throwing them in the "hospital bag to be" corner. I had a ton of back pain at work yesterday and was thinking "What if this is LABOR!? I don't have my SLEEP BRA!" Don't worry, the sleep bra is now in the corner. (Labor...ha ha. As if.)
We also went to see Dr. Brownstein this morning, who was Charlotte's pediatrician. Right after Charlotte passed away we canceled my expensive, excellent health insurance and picked up Zar's less stellar health insurance, and so we had to change pediatricians. We loved Dr. Metcalf whom we saw for Ella and Ava for the past year or so but he just retired and although I am sure his new young replacement is a wonderful doctor, I just feel like Dr. Brownstein did a great job with Charlotte and she knows the ropes and because of Zar's new job, we were able to go back to her.
I didn't warn her we were coming. I'm sure seeing me dragging in screeching Ella by the wrist, carrying a bewildered baby in a car seat AND hefting a clearly nearly-ready-to-go fetus...was a very welcome sight. Ella knows she's almost 2 and immediately showed it off--smacking the nurse's hand when she tried to listen to her chest, refusing to be weighed, screaming "NO!" and shoving her thumb in her mouth. It was fun. Oh yes, Ella is in the 15th percentile for height and 10th for weight. Heh heh. She's just a little peanut allergic peanut.
Dr. Brownstein knew about Lily already. Oh it's hard to be so famous! She was fine (or so she said) about picking up another trisomy patient. And my two other kids, even the screamer.
Now we are home and (YAY!) Ella got shots and has been asleep for almost 3 hours. I lay on my side for awhile and now have the energy to make a giant pork chop dinner to consume while watching The Biggest Loser. Sweet. Ava is hard at work trying to learn to crawl three months early and is ignoring me completely.

And suddenly, we are getting awfully, awfully close.


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I think it's fantastic that you were able to get back into the same pediatrician you had before. That must be reassuring. Your family will be in my prayers on the 17th!

Olya said...

Hi. I found your blog through someone else's and have been lurking a while. I can relate to your story as the docs told me to have an abortion with my 1st child because of too much fluid in his ventricals. We told them we will love him, disabilities and all. I am so moved by your blog. I hope you will have a safe delivery and God will continue giving you strength for each day.
oh, and Jadin ended up being completely healthy with no delays. We praise God for that, though, like I said, he would be welcome to our family regardless.