Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm over 8 lbs now!

Mom outside the NICU window.
Happy One Week Birthday Darling Lily-Pie! You should come home this week to celebrate!
I'm feeling much better today and Lily is doing fine. Sometimes you just have to sob it all out which I did for several hours yesterday. Zar went to visit Lily at 5 am this morning which was so sweet of him. I managed to sleep through his alarm and him getting up, stomping around, opening drawers and getting dressed, turning on lights and opening the garage. Guess I was sorta tired. Ava had a great night and slept all the way through in her new crib...or did she? Guess I'll never know.
I have a bit of a sore throat and Ella has just gotten over a cold so I stayed out of the NICU today. It's not cool just standing outside the window but I got to watch Zar feed her, and she did well. She is doing great with her newly maneuverable tongue. Aunt Allison and Uncle Ben came to visit as well. Ella loved visiting Baby Lily and remembered just where to go to see her, running down the hall and waiting under the window. When I said "Come back and wait for daddy" she burst into tears and yelled "LILLLYYYY!" and threw herself on the hospital floor. Sweet in a two year old way.
A few days ago we were thinking she would maybe coming home on Monday but I'm thinking we have at least a couple more days, just for her to get stronger and continue to learn to eat well. Not excited to have Zar going back to work tomorrow, it is so much easier having him home and I don't even have my baby home yet. I guess it's good for me and really I'm feeling a million times better than I was a few days ago when I was being strangled by fluid.


Anonymous said...

Have a great week! Thinking of you often, often!


Becky said...

ONE WEEK? That's EXCITING!!! Happy one week Lily Pie! Wish I was closer to come help you during the day. :( I'd LOVE to hold your babies! (so wouldn't my girls)

Angela said...

Happy one week Lily!