Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Two suckers

Zar and I were last minute "Wisconsin Dairy Farmer" and witch. My cute kids were a darling butterfly and super cute ladybug. Lily had a bee costume made for her by Grandma--we are hoping to slip it on her today for a picture. Now that I'm a parent I think office trick-or-treats and trunk-or-treats are AWESOME--stay out the the horrible rainy cold and be safe and warm. Ella did her first trick-or-treating at Dad's office and quickly got the hang of it--saying "Thank you" and grabbing multiple candies while she's still little enough to get away with it. Ava's first Halloween was special too--she almost has the hang of traditional crawling with a few plank poses thrown in. She has enjoyed tormenting the cat.
Lily is doing well and has enjoyed resting up over the weekend before another busy week starts. We have been seen by cardiology, genetics, GI and surgery so far. Genetics noticed the problems Charlotte had with her kidneys in her chart and did a kidney ultrasound which looked good. We will still watch them--Charlotte had kidney reflux and was on antibiotics her whole life to keep her from getting infections--but so far her kidneys look healthy. Charlotte also had some weird little issues--constant low blood sugar--sometimes EXTREMELY low, which didn't seem to affect her much even when she should have been slipping into a coma. She also had low sodium which got her worked up for cystic fibrosis more than once but was always negative.
I'm feeling good. Of course it's easier with Lily doing well right now, but I'm feeling optimistic and enjoying my other kids and the small amount of time I am getting with Lily. She's been waking up more and is so wiggly which is fun to see. She has also been crying a little more as you can see above. She has a very tiny little cry right now. I love her big eyes with her heavy lids and her tiny nose and mouth. I love her dark hair and chubby fingers, and her funny huge feet which are totally unlike Charlotte's were. I am very lucky to have such beautiful special sweet daughters and am so blessed to know that they are all part of our family always, no matter what happens.


Anonymous said...

I thought Zar's costume spoke "BIG CHEESE", his chance to speak out. Glad to see things are looking better.

Happy Halloween from the witch in AZ

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks great! Here's to an excellent week.

xoxoCarolyn H.

Becky said...

I LOVE that you dressed up. So great! Lily is looking fantastic. Can't wait to hear about her anticipated homecoming. Still cheering for you on the other side of the country!!! xo

TMI Tara said...

What a super cute family photo! Glad to hear Lily is doing well on her very first holiday! :)