Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Countdown to Sunday

Ella is working on not sitting on babies.
I "worked" my last day yesterday. I had my last pre-delivery appointment. And conveniently, my Nesting Urge kicked in this morning. I was hit with an irresistible need to clean off the the top of the refrigerator. Then I went around magic erasing all the grubby finger prints from the walls. Then I went through various piles of paper and threw most of them away. Turns out I'm very good and putting cards in envelopes and never sending them. I found a 2006 Christmas card to Kristen I never sent, pretty much all of our neighborhood Christmas cards from last year, a bunch of Ava's birth announcements and a thank you card to Bonnie. Then I had to sweep out the garage and throw away a few boxes of junk that have been sitting out there for three years. I let Ella run around the garage in her pajamas and fed Ava home-steamed and vita-mixed plums so our next step is to get upstairs and have a bath while every cleaning rag in the house is laundered. As soon as Elmo is done.

I had fantasies yesterday of going to the doctor and having him decide it would be best to deliver immediately--high blood pressure, protein in pee, broken ribs, but of course, everything looked normal and I haven't gained anymore weight or fluid the past two weeks, so no chance on that. Now that this nesting energy has kicked in I'm glad--I need to clean out the car, get my hair cut, get my nails done, finish packing and scrape the dried up food from under Ella's high chair.

I know these past few posts are just dull old pre-delivery ramblings. It is starting to hit me that at this time next week life will be totally different. We have no real idea what to expect. We could be spending our days at nights up at Primary Children's, we could be planning a little funeral, we could be home and learning to deal with two babies and a tot. We just don't know and I'm resigned to it. I have no real impression on what is going to happen, so I'm prepared for anything. My only impression is that whatever happens will be right, and will be a good, tender, sweet experience. So really there's no reason to be afraid.


Becky said...

Again...that is why I love you! You are blessed. You are amazing. I'm praying for you!!! (and can't WAIT to hear all about your delivery)

Stephanie said...

I am actually really excited for all of you! Keeping you all in our prayers. The girls get more adorable everyday. :)


Steph and Christopher

TMI Tara said...

I'm so anxious for you. You're in my prayers.

Lacey said...

way to go! your ambition is pretty awesome, the food under the high chair? i am impressed! good luck with everything!

Jenny said...

You are definitely in our prayers over here. Things always work out as they should (according to someone at least, even if it's not us!).:)